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Will Fat Transfer Help to Improve Under Eyes Skin?

I had taken couple of laser sessions under eyes around 6 to 9 months back for dark circle reduction (last was ~6mns back, taken 7 sessions). I have... READ MORE

Can Buttock Ptosis Be Cured by Fat Transfer?

I had liposuction of the thighs and buttock done to help my lower body fit my upper body. The doctor took off way to much and tried to "improve... READ MORE

Are the skin improvements from facial fat transfer permanent?

A lot of doctors and patients have reported skin improvements after fat transfer, with the hypothesis being that stem cells in adipose tissue are... READ MORE

Still look abnormal 3 weeks and 3 days after facial fat transfer. Is this normal? (photo)

Lower mini lift and facial fat transfer to cheeks, eyebrow area, and lips 3 weeks and 3 days ago. Still look abnormal. Cheeks and lips are too big and... READ MORE

Will fat grafting improve my sunken eyes and tear trough? (photos)

Will fat grafting work ? Or do I have to get an Orbital implant? What other procedures can I undergo to solve this?  READ MORE

Will the uneven surface improve on my stomach where fat was removed? 4 months post small fat graft. (photo)

I had roughly 30 ml of fat removed from stomach to improve assymetry issues on breast. I have noticed some slight unevenness on stomach. Will this... READ MORE

How far out from facial fat grafting will my "too broad laterally" appearance improve?

The facial fat grafting surgery was over 3 months ago. Not only are my cheeks overfilled but worse I look too broad laterally. My PS is telling me to... READ MORE

Any new ways to remove my facial fat transfer? 12 years post-op.

I hAd a fat transfer to my face in 2005. He is a Bev Hills plastic surgeon. He went in thru my belly button and placed the fat in my upper cheeks. All... READ MORE

I'm 5'4" 120lbs, 50 years old. I don't think I have enough fat worth transferring? (Photos)

I hate my butt. I have loose skin /wide pelvis which makes it impossible to achieve any result with exercise. Is there a procedure - implants, flap,... READ MORE

Fat Transferred under an eye into the scar. (photos)

I had fat transferred under my eyelid in a place of a scar. I am really no happy how it looks and would like to know if the is anything I could do to... READ MORE

Can fat transfer help with bony strained hollow look around the eye? (photo)

Almost 5 years after upper and lower eye lid surgery and 2 more revisions I am left with horrible hollows & doughnut look around the eye. Will a... READ MORE

How long after first fat graft to thigh can you spot treat a depression that showed no improvement?

I have a large depression in my thigh from lipo many years ago. I finally took the step of fat grafting 3 weeks ago, but that spot is just as... READ MORE

Fat grafting around eyes nine months ago, the area keeps improving till now, Is that natural?

Dear Drs, I'm 27 and I did fat grafting around eyes nine months ago. Now, the results are outstanding; the eyes curve becomes much better now and I do... READ MORE

Age 32: Anti-aging treatments/surgery. (photo)

I'm 32 as I'm aging my face is sagging. I'm having lipo of neck jaw fat transfer to lips and mid face. I'm thinking in the future jaw expansion as it... READ MORE

Complications with fat transfer to lips 18 months post op. Can it be repaired/will it improve with time?

I had a neck lift with "facial rejuvenation" 18 mths Fat was taken from my stomach and injected to my face and lips. My problem with my lips is that I... READ MORE

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