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How Can I Correct my Skinny Legs?

What is the best thing to do about my skinny legs? I’ve always had them and they are literally extremely skinny. Should I consider Fat Grafting on m... READ MORE

I have really skinny legs. How can I make my legs bigger? Can I inject fat or get implants on them?

I am so ashamed of my legs they are way to skinny and i am embarrassed to wear shorts, skirts etc... And i am talking about the lower part of my legs... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Done One Week Ago - Buttock is Wider and Flatter Than

I had dents in each butt cheek that I wanted to fix, but they are coming back and now I just have a lot of fat on the top and dents in the middle! So... READ MORE

How Can Thin Patients Treat Deformities from a Fat Transfer?

I underwent a fat transfer to treat a recent facial wound. I am thin but curvy, size 2 or 4, with a very nice shape. However, now I have a dent in my... READ MORE

I am female with very skinny lower legs. Would calf implants or fat transfer help?

I am embarrassed by the look of my thin legs. I know fat transfer or implant is possible and would like to find out more about these procedures. Could... READ MORE

Will Fat Grafting Work After Two Cheek Implant Revisions?

Hi there, I had a porex implant of a certain type, and moved to a bigger size (also porex) as the first implant was subtle to say the least. The... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Fat Injections over Breast Implants?

How safe is it? I heard that even if you get breast implants under the muscle, you can still feel the shell if you feel under the breast. Could fat... READ MORE

Is fat transfer a good option than implants? What are the pros and cons for fat transfer to your breast?

How often do you do the fat transfer to your breast? What happens to the fat when working out? READ MORE

Fat transfer or cheek implants to widen a face? (Photos)

Hi! I would like to widen my face with a squarish, not rounded, natural look. I was suggested cheek implants since I have no cheeks at all, but after... READ MORE

Fat transfer to under eyes, resulted in lumps and bumps under eyes/lower lids? (Photo)

Cheek implants along with fat transfer to cheeks and under eyes 3 weeks after the procedure, lumps forming under my right eye, i went back to my... READ MORE

Fat transfer vs. implant for jaw asymmetry? (photo)

Hi. i am looking for a solution for an uneven jawline. i've had a jaw implant put in one side of the face but it wasn't big enough so my jawline... READ MORE

Would You Recommend Fat Transfer Near Chin Implant? and How Could That Effect Possible Velemna and Juvederm Residuals?

I am looking for several opinions on whether or not it is a good idea to put FI just above and at the distal part of the jaw,near but not on top of a... READ MORE

Fat grafting with implants?

I recently had breast implants and for whatever reason, my results are noticeably smaller than the sizers I tried in the office pre-surgery. My PS has... READ MORE

I want fat grafting to my hips and butt implants but I have no fat! Can I still get it done? what are my options? (Photo)

I really want to have wider hips but I don't have enough fat to get anything there anything I can do.weight gain isn't really an option semse... READ MORE

Fat grafting after having a chin implant removed? (photos)

I've had a facelift, neck lift and chin implant. Unfortunately my implant has been removed three times. The first two were because the implant shifted... READ MORE

Is fat transfer a better option for the mid face versus cheek implants or mid face?

I am 40 and wanted a facelift, but 3 surgeons felt that my upper middle facebook is the issue.  The options were fat transfer, a mid facelife or... READ MORE

Fat grafting over facial implants?

I received facial implants (orbital rim/cheek, chin, and jaw) in 2012. I would like have facial fat grafting done now. My orbital rim area is still a... READ MORE

Will fat trasfer into my cheeks migrate?

I have been advised about fat trasfer, but I am afraid the fat will clump up and migrate. I have heard that if it is injecting slowly over time, the... READ MORE

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