Hyaluronic Acid + Fat Transfer

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Fat or Hyaluronic Acid for Lips and Hollowness Around Eyes?

The photos I have seen of people with fat injected to the upper/lower eyelids and lips look great. Fat transfer seems to make the lips look naturally... READ MORE

Can Fillers or Fat Be Injected into the Neck or Ankles?

I am a thin (5'3", 115 lb.) I'm 39 year old woman. I've always had bony ankles, and even though my weight has not changed in ten years, my neck... READ MORE

Removing Fat Injections Under Eyes?

I got them under my eyes 4 mo ago. They were lumpy and mismatched and still are. 3 mo ago my Dr. both injected hyaluronidase and tried to needle... READ MORE

Is it possible to dissolve fat? As in stubborn area fat? Lipase(?) injections? Theres this thing called PB serum

Ok so my aunt got these injections all over her stomach.. The dr injected 3"enzymes" cant remember all but i think lipase+ hyaluronic acid injections... READ MORE

Can vitase/hyaluronidase injections harm a fat transfer if given 2 weeks post op?

Could vitase/Hyaluronidase (the enzyme injection that is used to dissolve restylane and juvederm) dissolve or harm a recent fat transfer procedure 2 w... READ MORE

Can fat be transferred to the same area of face where hyaluronic acid was previously injected?

As a candidate for facial fat transfer (pre-jowl area and along the mandibular angle), I´m wondering whether fat cells and Juvederm voluma can ... READ MORE

Had Fat Grafting go wrong so tried to deflate it will Hyaluronic Acid now it looks even worse. What should I do? (photos)

I have fat grafting under my eyes on July 20th. I'm 4months post op. After one month one of my eyes went down and looked regular however the other eye... READ MORE

How would you augment my mouth? (Photo)

I am not satisfied with the look of my mouth. Should I use fat transfer, HA fillers, synthetic implant or lip lift for it? Which treatment would you... READ MORE

What is the success rate of the fat transfer under eyes? How often do fat balls or some other complication occur?

I recently had full fat transfer to the face after severe fat loss due to radiofrequency treatment. The doctor who did the transfer said she had 25... READ MORE

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