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How to Transfer Fat from Belly to my Hips and Butt?

So i may have more of an hourglass shape.if so how much would the price be to have this done. thank you. READ MORE

How Would I Rid of the Indentation on my Hips? (photo)

I have done some research and a lot say that the indentation is from wearing too tight of underwear/pant. I dont really think I have been but either... READ MORE

Can I Inject Fat into my Hips to Even out my Body For an Hourglass Shape?

I have a 29" waist and love handles that are 38" at the fullest part. When the love handle curve ends, the line goes in and then goes out... READ MORE

Will I Achieve Hour-glass Figure with Fat Transfer to my Hips?

I have a rather large butt but with very narrow square hips. If I get a "brazilian butt lift" for my hips, will it give me an hour glass... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat to transfer to my hips for an hourglass figure?

Hello, I want to get that beautiful curvy hourglass figure iv been dreaming of. I don't want to add anything to my butt, just hips. I'm 5"2 128 lbs.... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for hip fat transfer? (Photo)

Hi I am 5'1 1/2, I weigh about 115/120 lbs and I really don't like the hip dip/ butt lateral depression that I have. Im ok with the size of my... READ MORE

I would like more of an hourglass figure. I would like wider hips and fill out my butt on the side (Photo)

I keep getting answers about a BBL, I don't want or feel I need that I would just like a more curvy figure! Look at my butt, it's big and high enough,... READ MORE

I'd like to figure out if I should be looking into a fat transfer to my hips or liposuction on my love handles. (Photo)

I'm not quite sure what kind of procedure I should be looking into for what I want to achieve. I don't know if I have love handles or if my hips are... READ MORE

What would you recommend to get curves? (photo)

Please what would you recomend . I want curves more softer look ! Hourglass figure! i am thinking of gaining 15 pounds and doing fat grafting to my... READ MORE

Very narrow hips. Is there a surgery that can help me get an hour-glass body?

I'm 21 years old and have very narrow hips due to hormonal problems in my teenage years. Is there a surgery that can help me get an hour-glass body? READ MORE

What can be done to enhance my hourglass figure? (Photo)

I want my torso to look longer and smaller, and want wider hips. Could fat transfer to the hips and removal of the floating ribs work? Please let me... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat to get that desired look? If yes what areas best to lipo and transfer to buttocks? (Photos)

Hello all :), I wAnt To achieve that inverted heart shape type of waist and buttocks, (wish pictures are the 2 last ones), been told i dont have... READ MORE

How would my butt look if I transfer fat to the hips only (no BBL)?

I'm considering getting a tummy tuck with fat transfer to the hips ONLY (no bbl) to achieve an hourglass shape. I have a good size butt already but... READ MORE

Can I make my rectangular figure an hourglass figure? (Photo)

I know breast implants would help but I have high flare hips and they're kind of square-like. I hear about a fat transfer, but I'd rather shave the... READ MORE

Are there any excellent doctors who are skilled in fat grafting to the hips?

Hi! When I gain weight, none of the fat ever goes to my breasts, hips, thighs, or legs. It all just goes straight to my face, arms, stomach, waist,... READ MORE

Can I get small wait hour glass figure with bbl first then tt? (photo)

Can i seriously achive an hour glass jlo kardashian type figure given my body type or am i expecting too much? And what is the price. READ MORE

Which procedures do you recommend to attain this body shape? Is there a way to make a box shape more of an hour glass? (photo)

I was thinking of getting fat grafting with removal on my back/sides/stomach to achieve this look but I'm not sure that's even the best way. READ MORE

Is it possible for an inverted triangle body shape to turn into a pear body shape from a fat transfer?

My dream body shape is to be a pear shaped body instead of an hourglass figure. Is it possible to be a pear shaped figure instead through a fat transfer? READ MORE

Do I have enough fat to get breast and butt done? (photos)

I'm 5'4 and 128 pounds last time I checked which was 4 months ago. My body is very uneven. I carry most of my fat on arms,back and stomach. My body... READ MORE

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