Hollows + Fat Transfer

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What is the Best Procedure to Fix Hollow Eyes?

I recently had juvederm injected under my eyes as an attempt to fix my hollow eyes.The procedure only seemed to make them worse. Is there any other... READ MORE

How Will Smoking Affect Fat Transfer Results?

I am getting Fat transferred to my face around my mouth/cheek areas because I have a hollow look and lots of creases. I quit smoking 1 week ago... READ MORE

Hollow Under Eyes - Fillers or Fat Grafting?

Hi drs I suffer from hollow dark under eyes, i have researched both fillers and fat grafting but still unsure. im worried the filler will leave lumps... READ MORE

Fat Transfer or Fillers for Under Eye Hollowness?

I have under eye hollowness post blepharoplasty with laser tightening. I'm 6 months out from my lower lid blepharoplasty and have the dreaded hollow... READ MORE

Fat or Hyaluronic Acid for Lips and Hollowness Around Eyes?

The photos I have seen of people with fat injected to the upper/lower eyelids and lips look great. Fat transfer seems to make the lips look naturally... READ MORE

Fat Grafting for Hollowed Eyes and Face?

After RF(Radio Frequency) treatment, I appear to have lost too much fat in my eyes and face. My skin is thin and hollowed, my bones are showing.I am... READ MORE

What is Livefill?

Can you give me some information about Livefill, including the cost? Is that an ideal treatment for hollow cheeks? Thanks READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Stain Post Fat Transfer: Hemosiderin or Hyperpigmentation?

I am just about a month out of a horrible lower fat transfer to my lower eyes that has left my right eye lumpy and bumpy, and my left eye still hollow... READ MORE

15 Year Old - Fat Transfer for Dark Circles/Under Eye Hollows?

I'm 15 years old but can't wait anymore. I have dark circles that are sunken in and hallow, and I have lines and milia. No amount of... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Under Eyes

Hello! Three month ago I had fat transfer for hallow under eyes. And I want to know if it's normal that the fat is hard when I touch it? And... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Buccal and Mandible

I am considering fat transfer to my cheeks to fill some hollow, and to enhance my mandible--I want to widen the lower part of my face. Is it possible... READ MORE

Hydroquinone Before and After Fat Grafting

I've been using hydroquinone under my eyelids to make them brighter. However, I'm considering to do a fat grafting to them as well for the hollowness.... READ MORE

What Are the Pros and Cons of Fat Transfer Under the Eyes?

I've had lower blepharoplasty which has left my eyes looking a little hollow underneath. I'm thinking about getting a Facelift also. What are the pros... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Vs Sculptra for Cheeks?

Does Fat Transfer work better for small loss of volume in cheeks for a 44 year old or Sculptra injections? READ MORE

How Long Does Fat Grafting to Upper Eyelids Last?

What is the cost of a Fat grafting for hollow upper eyelids? How long the result would last? READ MORE

Risks of Fat Grafting on Temple Area?

What are the risks associated with Fat grafting the temple area? READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Under Eye Hollowness Following Lower Bleph?

Six months following a lower bleph I have developed hollows on the outside corners of my eyes. The area is the actual fat pads right under my rims and... READ MORE

Chicago Fat Transfer Doctor Recommendations

Who do you recommend who is highly experienced to do a structural Fat transfer for hollowness below the eyes and in the cheek area around Chicago? READ MORE

Can a Fat Transfer correct volume loss around eyes? (photos)

I've lost a great deal of volume around my eyes and through my cheeks. I've always had deep set and hallow eyes with cheeks that were quite chunky.. I... READ MORE

Fat Injections for Upper Eyelids?

I have extreme upper eyelid hollowness and am considering Fat injections to correct. How does the fat usually take to this area? READ MORE

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