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Facial Fat Graft Feels Hard Post-procedure

I had an analogous fat transfer to the upper cheeks and orbital region. The fat feels hard like a rock underneath the skin. Is this normal? Should... READ MORE

MRI Studies on Fat Grafting?

Hi, I had fat grafting done about 4 years ago and there is no question that whats underneath my skin is no longer fat but some other hard substance... READ MORE

Is It Normal for the Fat Transfer to Feel Hard and Lumpy Where Transplanted?

I had fat transfer to the eye, lip, and under eye area and an open rhinoplasty a week ago. I have indentations where the cast on my nose was resting... READ MORE

Can Stem Cell Fat Grafting help with scar tissue and post inflammatory hyper pigmentation?

I've had hardened scar tissue on my lower abdomen from Slim Lipo for 1 year and 2 months now. I've also had loss of subcutaneous tissue from... READ MORE

2 weeks postop facial fat transfer. Only right side hardening w/ large lumps & swelling. I looked better 5 days than now (photo)

Left side of my face perfect, soft. Right side lower cheek is swelling with a large hard lump. Today (2week post op) my upper cheekbone (undereye) is... READ MORE

Could deoxycholic acid be used for treating a hardened lump of fat under the eye, resulting from a fat graft gone wrong?

I have had a hardened lump of fat under my left eye since I had a fat graft 2 years ago. Could this new FDA drug work? Thanks. READ MORE

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