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Facial Fat Graft Feels Hard Post-procedure

I had an analogous fat transfer to the upper cheeks and orbital region. The fat feels hard like a rock underneath the skin. Is this normal? Should... READ MORE

Hard Lumps in Buttocks After Fat Transfer

Is it normal for fat tranferred to buttucks to harden in golf size bumps after two months? READ MORE

Fat Transfer Under Eyes

Hello! Three month ago I had fat transfer for hallow under eyes. And I want to know if it's normal that the fat is hard when I touch it? And... READ MORE

Fat Grafts and Hardened Mass During Recovery

Two weeks ago I had fat grafts to correct irregular jaw line on one side of my face. In that time the area I had surgery on feels like it hardend into... READ MORE

Why Has Some of my Fat Transfer Gone Hard Almost 1 Year Later

I have 2 very large areas of hardened fat, namely the cheek and buccal areas. All the fat seems to have clumped together and it's visible through... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Lumps on Cheeks 3 Days Post Op from Fat Transfer?

I m currently 3 days post op. I ve had fat grafting to my cheeks ( I had hollow cheeks i wanted to correct) and some hard lumps are starting to appear... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Fat Grafting or Transfer to Be Puffy and Hard?

During lipo on my stomach, the Dr. made a small dimple or dip and dedcided to fix it by injecting some fat back into that area. He stated he needed to... READ MORE

My butt feels hard on the side post-fat transfer. Is this normal?

I had fat transfer to my butt and calves. The butt is feeling hard on the side is that normal? My ankles are swelling but I am not standing or sitting... READ MORE

1 year post op Fat grafting, I have two lumps. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

Hello, please sorry for my English, i´m from Germany. 12 Months ago, i had Fat graft to the Malar Region, 1,5 cc left and 1 cc right. Today i dont ... READ MORE

I did a fat transfer in the face but something went wrong? (Photos)

I did fat transfer, but even now that has passed 2 years I still feel the under eyes area swollen and hard with uneven bumps. What can I do now? What... READ MORE

Facial fat graft feels hard post-procedure. What should I expect? (Photo)

Fat transfer to the upper cheeks feels hard like a rock underneath the skin on the left side of my face. This area from the upper and out most region... READ MORE

Fat graft to lips- swelling or too full? (photos)

I did a fat graft 36 hours ago, and I feel they are overfilled. Even directly after the procedure I felt they were too large My questions are 1) is... READ MORE

Under eyes feel deformed after fat graft to cheeks - will it go away?

16 days out and swelling gone down a lot, but know my lower eye sockets feel really deformed. All along the bone is hard and uneven. Do I have a good... READ MORE

Treatment of hard nodule after fat transfer to neck.

I had a fat transfer (FT) procedure done 1.5 weeks ago to fill in a concavity in my upper neck because of too much liposuction done to that area.... READ MORE

11 days post op, I have swelling in one cheek after fat injection. Is this normal?

I had Fat injuction to my malar cheeks 10 days ago, today 11 . I still feel my face is stiff and I can't smile or laugh like I used to do before. My... READ MORE

A week ago I got fat transfer to my lips; there are hard lumpy parts & are still very uneven. Dr said it is normal? (Photos)

Hard lumpy areas,Uneven spots on top and bottom,does this go away with time,or am I already seeing problems. 1 week and 3 days post op READ MORE

Hard lump in abdomen. Had some fat transferred to face, still sore! Could it be a hematoma? (Photo)

Hi I had a small amount of fat removed liposuction for fat transfer its been two weeks although the bruising has dissappeard I have quite a hard lump... READ MORE

Fat graft to face 4 days post. I feel a very hard lump. What should I do? I need help and advice on how to deal with this issue.

I had a fat graft 4 days ago to the face in a lower cheek. I have a hard lump that hurts when I put my fingers inside my mouth, I can feel the hard... READ MORE

I had a fat transfer post-op one week! I am swollen, hard, and in pain. Is this normal? (photos)

My ? Is I had fat transfer post op one week on my face my cheek bone and jaw area and my right side looks okay but my left side is very swollen and... READ MORE

I had a fat transfer to my right hip 2 weeks ago. It doesn't look or feel like it's gonna go down.

I had a fat transfer to my right hip 2 weeks ago it warm to the touch and really hard. It hasn't got Any softer the doc says it's normal. It is so... READ MORE

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