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Best Filler for Thin, Wrinkled Hands? (photo)

I have thin, wrinkled hands with prominent knuckles. My veins can also be quite prominent in heat or when hanging by my sides. My face looks younger... READ MORE

How Much Fat is Required to Improve Appearance of Hands?

My doctor told me about the possibility to improve my 'skeleton' hands appearance with my own fat. The really annoying part is she just removed from... READ MORE

Fat transfer? Thin bony crooked wrinkled fingers and hands.

My finger bones are very misshaped and bulge out in certain areas. I get called "tadpole fingers" and I have no fat in my hands. What is a permanent... READ MORE

How successful are fat transplants to the hands?

My hands are bony and wrinkled. I would like to fins a procedure to reduce this look. READ MORE

Looking for a Hand Specialist For Aging Hands in the Bay Area?

...in my area (Los Gatos/Mtn View/Palo Alto, San Francisco) who does this procedure on aging hands; is fat transfer preferable to filler for the hands? READ MORE

Would fat transfer to my hands decrease easy bruising as well as plump the skin? (photos)

My thin skin and the repeated injury to my hands produces what seems to me permanent discoloration. My hands are never without bruises. Would a fat... READ MORE

Thin fist: I am 25 yrs old. My fist n fingers are very thin and it appears like an old man fist. (photo)

It's not genetic my parents have healthy fist n fingers. Plz suggest me what should I do? READ MORE

Fat transfer to hands. Does it last when you lift weights?

Does the fat in the fat transfer to the hands last when you lift weightts? Also, is there scar tissue in the neck area four years after first... READ MORE

My hands look old, although I am under 50, as I have no subcutaneous fat in this region. Interested in fat injections.

What is the down time and where is the fat taken from. Who in my area does this procedure. How safe is it, I work with my hands and could not imagine... READ MORE

Can fat transfer be put in the lower arm?

I'm 45 with loose skin in my lower arm and some in top part but more concerned with the lower arm. Can fat be put in it to help fill it out? Also in... READ MORE

Is fat transfer to the hands safe? (Photo)

I'm young but I've always like the full appearance of hands... I'm thinking about having fat transfer to my hands but I'm worried about the effects... READ MORE

The upper part of my body is very skinny while the lower part (starting from thighs) has some fats (mostly are in thighs)

Can fats from my thigh area be transferred to forearms+hands and upper butts (for a better shape), and from tummy to my bonny ribcage (so that it... READ MORE

Follow-up Question - Fat transfer with local anesthesia? Also, does fat migrate?

Hello, I’m want fat transfer to my temples, lips, nasolabial folds, under cheeks, forehead and hands. 1. Could this be done with local anesthesia. I... READ MORE

My skin is Burnt. Will fat grafting work for treatment?

Half of my face and one of my hand is burnt so does fat grafting will works. And my ears muscels are also burnt but the inner circular part is safe so... READ MORE

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