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Fat Transfer to Hips? (photo)

Hi =) I've always hated my hips because I have a visible gap between my thighs. I've been searching on the internet lately and found out it's called... READ MORE

Cost of Small Portion of Fat Transfer or Injection to Butt?

I've posted a question about fixing a gap between my buttocks and a doctor replied that i can have a fat injection to close this gap. since i... READ MORE

I have a dent in middle of gap my chest. Any suggestions? (photos)

It does not pain but whenever I press in that dent it gives a pulling sensation from inside. As if it sticks to my sternum and when I stretch it feels... READ MORE

Can I have a Fat transfer to inner thigh so I can close the "thigh gap"? (photos)

I had a Fat transfer with Dr. William Bruno in Beverly Hills and because I didn't have enough that he had to take fat out of my inner thighs. Now I... READ MORE

Sunken scars after fat transfer - treatment to correct this?

Last August I had fat transferred to my upper II lines and nasolabian folds.Besides the fact that the areas are still red, as you can see in the photo... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Fix Cleft/gap Bewteen Buttocks?

There is some sort of gap, space or cleft between my butt cheeks. It's seriously disgusting, Is there any way I can fix it? Maybe fat injections?? I'm... READ MORE

Can a fat transfer help to fill a gap between nose and cheek? (not the smile lines)

It looks really very bad when I smile and I don't know the proper term for the problem.I have nasolabial folds too and the gap is formed due to smile... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Removal: My left side is fatter than my right, and it has made me look like I've developed saggy jowls.

I had a fat transfer done four weeks ago at the recommendation of a doctor when doing a chin implant revision to achieve a smoother contour so that... READ MORE

I have struggled with leg gap my whole life, I want to know if there's an affordable way to close the gap? (photo)

I'm 118 pounds and an ectomorph I can't gain weight to my legs hips or bum only my stomach an I've looked online for the right answers an can't seem... READ MORE

How much would it cost just to get fat transferred into my hip crease? (photo)

I am only 118 lbs.. I always wanted a Brazilian butt lift.. but I don't think it would be worth it to spend thousands on it when I am so skinny.. but... READ MORE

Nose became arched after fat transfer to fix a gap that seemed like a bump, is it normal and temporary?

After my nose surgery there was a gap that gave the impression that i still had a bump. I returned to my doctor a year later and decided to do a fat... READ MORE

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