Flanks + Fat Transfer

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Approx. 50% of Fat Survives when Fat Grafting but What's the Time Frame for This to Happen?

The reason I'd like to know is because I had fat grafted to an indent after lipo to my flanks/lower back and I hate what I see. The fat grafted... READ MORE

So Much Pain in my Left Buttock After Fat Transfer! Is This Normal?

I had liposuction all over ( tummy flanks belly back ) and fat transfer to buttocks. It's been two weeks since my surgery and I'm experiencing a lot... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Breast During Implant Removal Now Flank/butt?

I had 250 cc fat removed from both flanks to transfer to breast during a implant removal about 8 months ago. I now feel I have lost the fullness to my... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to calves and ankles, how long should the whole process take?

Hi. I'm female and want to have fat grafting to my skinny calves and ankles to the medial aspect. It could be taken from my thigh, abdomen and flanks.... READ MORE

I'm 11days Post Op Fat Transfer of Stomach, Flanks, & Inner Thighs to Butt. Is It Too Soon to Wear Heels?

I feel fine but I'm supposed to wait 14 days before sitting so I plan on minimal sitting just want to go out to a party or club or a few hours to get... READ MORE

Can I have a fat transfer from stomach/flanks to buttocks/hips with local anesthetic if it is done a little at a time?

Anesthesia seems scary although I know it is recommended. I'd rather do 5 small procefired than one large scary one. READ MORE

I want Fat Transfer to my butt, dr recommended Liposuction to my thighs, Banana roll, hips & flanks. Will this help me? (photos)

.Went to plastic surgeon with the request of lipo and fat transfer to butt. He said he could do inner, outer, & banana roll on thighs. Also my hips... READ MORE

Fat grafting + lift to correct tuberous breasts? What is risk of lumpiness to the harvest site? (photos)

Having breast lift to correct tuberous breasts (had lift 12 years ago but wasn't satisfied). Do not want implants. New surgeon also offered fat... READ MORE

Will Lipo on my Abdomen and Flank Area Cause Fat Redistribution to my Other Hard to Tone Areas? Will It Be Drastic? (photo)

I am 24, 5'5" and, weigh 126 lbs. My workout routine is consistent and intense. I don't diet, but I do try to eat decently healthy. I have a problem... READ MORE

Fat transfer from flanks to pecs, biceps, and maybe shoulders. Any suggestions on weight gain? (photos)

I am having a circumferential tummy tuck , lipo of flanks, and the doctor recommended I use the fat from my flanks to fill in chest, biceps, and a... READ MORE

2 Weeks post Liposuction & Fat Transfer. When to return back to work?

Hello I just got liposuction to my flanks, waist, armpits and back and a fat transfer to my butt ! I am a exotic dancer I would like to know when will... READ MORE

Am I too skinny to get a fat transfer to butt?? (Photos)

I had liposuction a year ago on upper and lower abdomen, flanks, and waist. I lost 25 pounds. I weigh 118-120 and I am 5'5. Do I have enough fat to... READ MORE

Out of options? Dr. Simon the only that does permanent fillers for curves? Need more fat but have none! 0-10k (Photo)

I got a bbl,using tummy,flanks and all back fat(skinny arms but didn't want to touch thighs so it looked portion)the first Doctor wasnt experienced... READ MORE

$10,800.00 for liposuction from my flanks, abdomen, and the posterior triangle and fat transfer to buttocks?

The surgery is being done in Charlotte, NC and the $10, 800.00 quote includes procedure, OR and Anesthesia fees. Is this a reasonable price? READ MORE

Risks on fat transfers? Prevention of cysts and lumps.

So I have been contemplating on getting a fat transfer from my abdomen, flanks and inner thigh areas to my breast and buttocks. What are the risks?... READ MORE

Will my body need fat grafting to the hips/butt to achieve an hourglass shape? (photos)

I'm getting a tummy tuck with lipo to the flanks and waist. Will that somehow give me some shape or should I fat graft to hips and butt? I'm trying to... READ MORE

How much would it cost for body contouring?

Even when I was at my slimmest, I'm top heavy and gain fat in midsection first then back/arms.I really want to have a more proportionate look. Per my... READ MORE

Liposuction revision - fat graft to hips? (photos)

Back in February I had fat taken from my stomach/flanks and grafted to my breasts. My surgeon left me with these strange dips on my hips. I had no... READ MORE

Pain and tightness after fat grafting to hip?

I'm a little over 48 hours post op from lipo from abdomen and flanks with fat transfer to hips only. My lipo areas feel great with very little pain... READ MORE

How long will fat transfer to calves last? Will the fat act the same as if it was still in my abdomen and flanks?

So I will be getting (lipo) fat from the abdomin and flanks, and transferring the fat to my calves, what is the retention ration on fat transfer and... READ MORE

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