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When Can I See Final Result of Fat Grafting Done in Face?

Could you tell me how many days, weeks or months it takes to see the final result of fat grafting done to the face? READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Fat Transfers to Set In? (photo)

I recently had a fat transfer procedure under and around my eyes. I have always had a sunken in look under my eyes. Right after surgery I was pleased... READ MORE

After Fat Transfer to Face, How Long Can I See the Final Result?

May I know when will the fat injected to the face be stabilized ( stop reaborbing?). When Can I resume nomal gym activities after fat injection? READ MORE

When should I see the final results from fat transfer to cheeks?

I had small amounts of fat transferred to my cheeks (8 cc in total: 5cc in one cheek, 3cc in other cheek) and am currently 3 weeks post surgery. Most... READ MORE

Hard Baseball-like Fat 8 Days Post Op

As soon as I came home from the hospital I had a hard ball of fat in each butt cheek. It's still there and I'm 8 days post op. Could this be necrosis... READ MORE

Fat Transfer After Filler Removal

I am having ArteFill removed and would like to get fat transfer for scars due to fat loss. Does exercise and health make a difference in results? Thanks. READ MORE

I Had a Fat Transfer Under my Eyes 4 Weeks Ago There is a Slight Improvment How Long Until I See The Final Result?

I Had a Fat Transfer Under my Eyes 4 Weeks Ago There is a Slight Improvment How Long until I see the final result? READ MORE

Fat Grafting Result: Is this Final or Not?

I had facial fat grafting 3 months ago (30cc of purified fat transferred to temples and cheeks). My doctor said it was a substantial amount as I asked... READ MORE

Fat Grafting to the Sub Brow, Are these Results Usually Good?

Hello. I am scheduled for fat grafting in 14 days and I am very afraid. The areas that have been identified to be treated are bilateral brow, cheeks,... READ MORE

Fat transfer after 2 weeks. Will this be my final result?

I had fat transfer to my face 2 weeks ago, 30 cc of fat was injected to both cheeks @ bottom & smile lines (nothing was injected @ top cheeks) I feel... READ MORE

How long does it take to see final results of fat transfer to face?

I had fat transfer 7 days ago and when I smile I look like the "Joker" or "Howdy Doody". I had fat to the cheeks, upper eyes, lower eyes, nasal folds,... READ MORE

Where would I see final result after facial fat grafting? (photos)

One month after facial fat grafting my cheeks and under eyes still too puffy and my eyes appear smaller..IHATE IT could this improve READ MORE

How long until you see final results with under eye fat transfer?

I just got facial fat transfer 8 days ago and the majority of swelling is gone way down in my entire face but my eyes are puffy underneath. And I know... READ MORE

2 months post-op suture lift with own fat filler throughout my face - Prague .

I think the surgery went well but i have bumps and swelling still under my eyes. I was told after several weeks to start massaging under my eyes and... READ MORE

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