Fat Survival + Fat Transfer

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Fat Grafting Survival Rate?

I've been doing my research on at injections. some doctors say approx 50% of fats will survive and stay permanent, some say 2 years and in other hand,... READ MORE

Increasing survival rate for fat grafting? (knees, thighs, ankles, wrists)

Is it possible to get fat grafting in the ankles, around the knee area, and thighs or will fat survive well in those areas? My issue is my calves and... READ MORE

Where Does the Fat That Does Not Survive After a Fat Grafting Procedure Go?

If fat is grafted from my abdomen to my buttocks and only 60% survives, does the other 40% go back to my abdomen? Does it distribute to several places... READ MORE

Can I fly 5 days after facial fat transfer?

Can I fly 5 days after fat graft to my cheeks, forehead, temples, under eyes, and chin? The total flying time is 19 hours which includes two flights... READ MORE

Massage After Upper Eyelid Pearl Fat Grafting?

It has been a week since i had pearl fat grafting for upper eyelid hollowness. right after the surgery my doctor told me not to apply any cold or hot... READ MORE

I had fat transfer surgery about a week ago. Can I do anything that would help it survive?

For example, even though a lot of the swelling has gone, it feels good to put ice on my face. Does this impede circulation to the harvested tissue?... READ MORE

EPO Increases Fat Graft Survival Rates?

I saw a study that suggests enriching the fat graft with EPO increases fat graft survival rates and encourages adipogenisis. Have you used this... READ MORE

When Is it ok to take B3 (niacin) after Facial Fat Transfer surgery?

Is it true that about 60% of the fat will survive as 'permanent'? I also read that macrophages continue to eat the newly transferred fat -- will it... READ MORE

Question Regarding Fat Grafting and How Soon Would the Fat Die?

I had lipo on inner thighs last year, the physician took way too much fat from the center of my thighs and left a hole there, it was obvious and made... READ MORE

Can adding patient's own fresh blood to the centrifuged fat increase the chances of more fat survival?

I am seeing doctors in my area for correction of my problem. Since, I m very sensitive about the second surgery and looking for an expert, I have... READ MORE

Is fat taken from the thigh more likely to survive during a facial fat transfer?

A friend has has numerous facial ft procedures. Some failures, the majority successful. She is my plastic surgery "mentor."She says her experience is... READ MORE

How can a face fat graft have more success of survival?

When you get a fat transfer to the face, what are the patient's "shoulds" and the "should not dos" to help the success of the fat grafting? READ MORE

Fat transfer in an athletic fit male. Am I a good candidate?

Hello Drs, I'm seriously considering fat transfer to my cheeks to replace volume loss in mid face and buccal area space (fat pad) as well as temples.... READ MORE

I want breast fat transfer and a bbl. If I get them at the same time will my body hold onto the same rate of fat? (photos)

Will my body be able to make the new blood supply to two areas at the same time or is it better to do one at a time. READ MORE

During a fat transfer to the lips, how much fat get reabsorbed by the body and how much survives in the lip?

I want to have fat transfer to my lips to make them much fuller but i am not sure if it is worth it. how much of the fat will survive the transplant?... READ MORE

Can Fat Cells Have Better Than Average Survival Rate if Inject to Where It Has Been Taken out?

My ps removed too much fats during my jowls lipo. I want to inject fats to where it has been taken out. after lipo, will blood vessels still remain... READ MORE

Facial Fat Transfer - What can I do to reduce chance of fat survival in chin?

I had facial fat transfer in my checks, nasolabial folds, and chin 2 weeks ago. But I regret the doing in my chin as it reshaped my face and made me... READ MORE

How much does fat grafting to the upper lids cost? Will PRP added help survival?

My lids are radiation burned, so I am trying to vascularize them the best I can. The skin is dead inside, but still there for now, but shrinking. Will... READ MORE

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