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Is Love Band Surgery Performed in the US (Popular in South Korea)? (photo)

I have lost the fat padding directly underneath my eyes, which I would like back. In Korea, they call these fat pads "love bands" and promote surgery... READ MORE

Foot Fillers to Make Heels More Comfortable?

I read this on another website: "Some surgeons inject silicone, an injectable filler or fat into the bottoms of the feet to create a sort of... READ MORE

Could Fat Grafting Under Eyes Help Dry Eye Symptoms?

I have sunken, hollowed our areas under eye areas due to prior fat pad removal in a surgery performed in 2004. I also have dry eyes. Would fat... READ MORE

I have a bulge in my jawline. What treatment would you recommend?

One doctor said it was from having fat injected into my face 5 years ago. Another said my buckle fat pad had fallen. I really don't know what to do... READ MORE

Can I have the fat pad from my lower back injected into my buttocks?

I have a fat pad on my lower back. Its been there for 10 yrs now. Its not to big, yet its noticeable. Would it be ok to transfer the fat from the... READ MORE

Can you add volume to buccal fat pad?

I lost about 15 pounds recently and I think my buccal fad pad has become hollow. I have lost volume in other areas, but this area particular is... READ MORE

Is Fat Grafted to the Face also Susceptible to Volume Loss from Aging Like non-grafted Fat?

I had a small amount of fat (6cc in total) grafted to both buccal fat pads. I'm satisfied with results so far (2 months out) but am thinking of... READ MORE

How many cc's do I need to get injected in my cheeks?

I had buccal fat removal, which I regret and now I'm willing to reverse it. My doctor said he can do a fat transfer to refill the buccal fat pads... READ MORE

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