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How Long Before Final Results from Fat Transfer in Tear Trough Can Be Seen?

I am considering Fat Transfer in the tear trough and I have been told by several doctors that they over correct the area due to the expected amount of... READ MORE

Can a Doctor Replicate the Results of Fillers with Fat Transfer?

I'm a 27 y/o female with a gaunt looking face due to loss of fat and deficient cheekbones. I want to add volume to my face, but I'm terrified... READ MORE

How Much Physical Pressure Can Cause Fat Cell Death?

I have been doing massages around the eye area and in the sockets using quite hard firm pressure. I noticed that my eyes seem to have lost some fat... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Facial Fat Graft in Colorado

Hello, Thanks in advance for the help. 46 year old man in Colorado, havng a hard time finding a truly experienced, forthright doc (in Colorado) who... READ MORE

Ice After Fat Transfer: Is It ok or Too Much?

I have applyed some ice for 3 days after my fat transfer is it ok or too Much ? I am very afraid to lose fat,thank u READ MORE

Fat Loss After Surgery - Can Fat Transfer Help?

I had hip surgery as a child and now I have less fat and muscle on that whole leg, but in my upper leg, I have almost no fat at all and it hurts to... READ MORE

Full Face Fat Graft After Years of Radiesse and HA Fillers?

I had arguably the worst tear trough lines and facial fat loss of anyone in their 20's. Since I have been using fillers I have had great results in my... READ MORE

Bursitis on Elbow Caused Fat Loss In The Area, Can This Be Fixed? (photo)

I had a bursitis on my left elbow and the doctor did the punctation and inserted Depo Medrol. 5 months have passed and now when I bend my elbow it the... READ MORE

Fat Graft on Face - I Wish To Lose All of It, But How?

My facial fat transfer surgery has been done for a year and so far it has lost great amount around 65% to say conservatively. However I am still not... READ MORE

28 year old. Am I a good candidate for fat grafting to help my eyes look young again? (Photo)

I have noticed that my eyes have gotten progressively more tired looking and it looks like I've lost some fat above and below my eyes. I believe this... READ MORE

I have middle protruding forehead vein. Is it loss of fat in that area? What is the solution that does not require removal?

If I am self-conscious about a middle protruding forehead vein that flares up when I smile, laugh, sing, bend over, etc, that has just recently become... READ MORE

Will I lose the fat transferred to my lower eyelid if I lose weight?

I had fat transfer done to my lower eyelid ,if i lose weight will i lose that fat that was put under my eyelids? READ MORE

Fat transfer after 2 weeks. Will this be my final result?

I had fat transfer to my face 2 weeks ago, 30 cc of fat was injected to both cheeks @ bottom & smile lines (nothing was injected @ top cheeks) I feel... READ MORE

Fat Transfer around the nose and chin area - how safe is it? (Photo)

I have lost a lot of fat on my cheeks , all around the mouth and the chin after radio frequency. This make my face look long and when i smile very odd... READ MORE

is fat grafting to the face not working, I am losing results?

I had fat grafting to my face on Feb24, 2014, by now it has almost been 2 month. I was happy with the look after all the swelling gone down but... READ MORE

I just had a fat transfer around the eyes 10 days ago. My face is very oily. Does this mean I'm losing the fat in my face?

I just noticed the past couple of days that I have been having very oily face? Does that mean I'm losing the fat in my face? What can I do to balance... READ MORE

Fat VS Filler. I have almost absolutely no fat on my face?

Can filler completely replace all the lost fat? Does it look the same as results from fat transfer? Can anything really look like natural plump fat in... READ MORE

Facial steroid injections for fat loss?

I am thinking about getting fortnightly injections of anabolic substances in the face, in order to induce the thinning of the skin and the burning of... READ MORE

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