Fat Harvesting + Fat Transfer

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Is It Possible to Get a Fat Transfer from Another Patient?

I have never heard of it but i feel it might be the only answer for me, just wondering if it had ever been done. My doctor took away way too much and... READ MORE

Use a Friend or Family Member's Fat for Fat Transfer?

If someone is thinking about getting lipo instead of having to gain all their weight to have the doctor transfer it (because i am not very meaty) what... READ MORE

If I Dont Have Enough Fat for Transfer to my Breast Can I Use Fat from Someone Else?

I want to augment my breast size i have a 32C and i want 2 cups more. the problem is that i dont want to have implants, (they look and feel too fake)... READ MORE

How Long Does Fat Last After Harvesting?

If I have Liposuction, and some of the fat is stored for use in other areas (ie. cheeks, lips, or under the eyes), will it still be safe or good for... READ MORE

What is Fat Harvesting and How is It Done?

Some doctors on this website have said that the fat obtained by tumescent liposuction is not re-usable. So then how do they get the fat out? Is fat... READ MORE

Can I Use Fat from Smart Lipo or Tumescent Lipo for Fat Transfer?

I want to get smart lipo for my abdoman, sides and a couple of other places. I want to also get fat transfer to my buttocks, is that possible? READ MORE

Will Fat Transfer Help to Improve Under Eyes Skin?

I had taken couple of laser sessions under eyes around 6 to 9 months back for dark circle reduction (last was ~6mns back, taken 7 sessions). I have... READ MORE

What is the Best Method/technique of Fat Harvesting and Injecting?

1)What is the best method/technique of fat harvesting in which the cells survival is the most? 2)Is the injecting technique/method as important as the... READ MORE

Facial Fat Transfer Questions?

I am 51 and would like fat placed in my marionette lines. A few questions... 1) What is the most results-oriented, easiest and safest place to harvest... READ MORE

Is it Normal to Harvest Fat but Not Transfer the Fat Until a Later Date?

Is it ever the standard of care to harvest fat for fat grafting and not inject at the same session? My doctor wants to freeze the fat and inject it in... READ MORE

Can Fat Injections Be Frozen for Future Use?

If I have fat injection from my own neck and put in lips, can the fat be saved (frozen) for future treatments, if multiple injections are needed? READ MORE

Does the part where you harvest fat for fat grafting grow back?

Hello, I recently got rhinoplasty along with fat graft on my face. My plastic surgeon got my fat from my back thighs and transfered it to my face. My... READ MORE

Fat transfer to face, is it possible? (photos)

First of all: is there any fat here, or is it just skin? Secondly, I've heard that fat in the back is poor quality. Is that true? Thanks READ MORE

Saggy butt after fat transfer, what can I do to fix this? (photos)

I had a tummy tuck 3 years ago, and fat was harvested and then was freeze for 8 months before it was injected. Doctor recommend not to do all at the... READ MORE

Fat Harvesting Problem?

I am a med student and I would like to learn the FT. I trained on myself. I follow what I was taught precisely but I fail to aspire enough fat. What... READ MORE

Fat transfer and breast lifts: Are multiple procedures more or less costly when done in the same surgical setting?

What is the differenc between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery? Is it possible to loose to much weight where there is. It enough fat to harvest... READ MORE

Harvested fat.

What is harvested body fat? And could one gain weight to convert from fluffy fat to harvested? READ MORE

Can fat harvesting from your thighs for facial fat transfer leave indention marks or irregular skin texture?

I'm wanting to have a lower transconjuctivial bhlephroplasty with fat transfer under my eyes in the tear trough area. My abdomen is not an option. I... READ MORE

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