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What Should I Expect During Recovery from Facial Fat Grafting?

I'm considering facial fat grafting, but I work with the public and can only take off one week from work. I bruise REALLY easily. What can I expect?... READ MORE

How Long Do Fat Transfer Injections Last?

I am considering getting fat transfer injections to my face to fill in hollow areas. What percent of the injected fat will stay? How long will it... READ MORE

Facial Fat Graft Feels Hard Post-procedure

I had an analogous fat transfer to the upper cheeks and orbital region. The fat feels hard like a rock underneath the skin. Is this normal? Should... READ MORE

Fillers or Fat Transfer Pros and Cons

Which method is the safest and easiest to manipulate? I am not ready for a facelift (mid 40s) but would like the same effect. I have a pretty think... READ MORE

Can Fat Transfer Change the Shape of the Face?

I had teeth removed by an orthodontist. It negatively changed my bone structure and soft tissues, making me look gaunt with sunken cheeks, loss of lip... READ MORE

Facial Fat Grafting Gone Wrong? (photo)

I had a facial fat injected from my own body back in 2009 in Seoul, Korea. At that time my face was very round and deformed. Today, after 3 years I am... READ MORE

Does Analogous Fat Transfer Lead to Sagging Facial Skin?

Once the injected fat dissipates, will the skin then sag? It stands to reason that delicate facial skin can remain stretched out after the injections... READ MORE

How else to Restore Volume to Face if Too Skinny for a Fat Transfer?

As I see, fat autograft seems an effective measure to restore the volume of the face, yet if I do not have enough fat for extraction, are there any... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Vs Sculptra

I am a 43-year-old triathlete looking to replenish volume to my face. After consulting with several plastic surgeons, most recommended fat transfer... READ MORE

Swelling and Bruising After Facial Fat Transfer / Hematoma

5 weeks ago I had a fat transfer to the right side of my face to conceal and indentation caused by a growth (nf1), however there was another growth... READ MORE

When Can I See Final Result of Fat Grafting Done in Face?

Could you tell me how many days, weeks or months it takes to see the final result of fat grafting done to the face? READ MORE

Fat Grafting for Hollowed Eyes and Face?

After RF(Radio Frequency) treatment, I appear to have lost too much fat in my eyes and face. My skin is thin and hollowed, my bones are showing.I am... READ MORE

Can Fat Grafting or Sculptra Really Replace a Face Lift in Mid-30s?

Two years ago, I had a Rhinoplasty. For about a year afterward, my face was slightly swollen. Consequently, friends commented that I looked much... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Marionette Lines?

I have deep marionette lines and am considering Fat Transfer. What is the cost range? READ MORE

Different Techniques for Facial Fat Transfer?

I am wondering if there were different techniques for fat transfer in the facial area, i.e. cheeks, lower eyelids, nasolabial folds and lips. If so... READ MORE

Fat Grafting on Face

Hi I am 26 years old and about to do fat grafting to make my oval shape face more fuller. I am very worried what if my face looks asymmetry or one... READ MORE

How Soon After a Full Face Fat Graft Can I Safely Get my Touch-up?

Hello, Had a full face fat graft about 5 weeks ago. Doctor built a nice foundation, but I see that i did not quite get the fullness that I wanted in... READ MORE

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