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How Can I Increase the Take Rate for a Fat Transfer?

I recently had my third "touch up" for a fat transfer procedure where fat was injected into the tear trough areas under my eyes. In the... READ MORE

Fat or Hyaluronic Acid for Lips and Hollowness Around Eyes?

The photos I have seen of people with fat injected to the upper/lower eyelids and lips look great. Fat transfer seems to make the lips look naturally... READ MORE

Fat Grafting Behind Eyeballs to Lessen Hollowing?

Can fat grafting be done behind the eye to give a more protruding look of the eyeball, and create a less hollow or sunken look? READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Fat Grafting for Deepset Eyes?

I have deepset eyes, but over the last couple of years it has gotten worse. Also the skin between my eyes and nose, and my eyelids, has gotten darker... READ MORE

Fat Tansfer to Fix Scars and Marks from Trauma?

I am having Fat Transfer next month. I am a 37 year old woman. I was kicked in the eye some years ago and you can see the boot mark in the right cheek... READ MORE

Can Fat Injections Around the Eyes Cause Blindness?

An ophthalmologist once told me that fat injections around the eyes, such as in temples, or upper eyes (brow bone area) and lower eyes(underneath area... READ MORE

Chicago Fat Transfer Doctor Recommendations

Who do you recommend who is highly experienced to do a structural Fat transfer for hollowness below the eyes and in the cheek area around Chicago? READ MORE

Can a Fat Transfer correct volume loss around eyes? (photos)

I've lost a great deal of volume around my eyes and through my cheeks. I've always had deep set and hallow eyes with cheeks that were quite chunky.. I... READ MORE

I'm in my Mid 20s but my Eyes Makes Me Look Much Older, Periorbital Fat Injections a Good Option for Me? (photo)

I'm in my Mid 20s but my Eyes Makes Me Look Much Older, Periorbital Fat Injections a Good Option for Me? READ MORE

Difference Between Fat Transfer Procedures?

What is the difference between fat grafting, structual fat grafting, transconjunctival open composite fat grafting, and fat injections? Which is more... READ MORE

How Much Physical Pressure Can Cause Fat Cell Death?

I have been doing massages around the eye area and in the sockets using quite hard firm pressure. I noticed that my eyes seem to have lost some fat... READ MORE

Tiny Grains in my Eye Crease from Fat Injection. Is There a Doctor Here to Help Me?

I have tiny grains (granulomas? nodules?) in my eye crease caused by periorbital fat transfer. Just two above each eye but they make my life... READ MORE

Dark Dents Under Eyes 7 Months After Fat Transfer

I'm a 50 year old woman who had fat tranfer under my eyes 7 mo ago. Had severe bruising for weeks, which changed into dark horizontal lines under... READ MORE

How to Fix Under Eye Fat That is Protruding After Surgery?

I had eye surgery three years ago where the docter added extra fat under my eye but it is protruding out under one eye. He said he would fix it with... READ MORE

Can fat transfer be used to fill the void of a empty eye socket? (photo)

I am a 45 year old female.When I was 2 I lost my left eye a traumatic accident . I noticed that my eye socket is sinking in.Can fat transfer be used... READ MORE

Correction of Hollow Eyes with Fat Grafting? (photo)

I got pretty severe under eye hollows after a sunburn which bothers me a lot since it has aged my face significantly. I have been researching... READ MORE

What is the Best Procedure for Hollow Under Eyes? (photo)

I am not sure what is the best for these horrible creases that are so hallow makeup helps but I still hate it and this has been passed on to me from... READ MORE

Eyes shape changes after fat transfer to upper face. Is this normal? (photos)

I have fat transfer to my brow, temple, forehead and cheek(malar and buccal), tear trough to correct my thin face due to weight loss. My eyes shape... READ MORE

Can a Fat Transfer Make my Eyes More Symmetrical?

I've always had a problem with one of my eyes being deeper set than the other. The difference looks significant depending on the angle you see my... READ MORE

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