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Fat Transfer to Cheeks Makes Undereye Bulge when I Smile- Will The Fat Reabsorb In TIme?

Two years ago, I had fat transferred to my cheeks (also had upper & lower bleph). When I smile, my cheeks push up and make bags under me eyes.... READ MORE

What Can I Expect From Fat Transfer To Stretch Marks? How Does It Compare to Fraxel? (photo)

Hi! I am interested in injections of fat containing stem cells into my stretch marks. What can i expect from this treatment with respect to my upper... READ MORE

Do Fat Cells Die and Reproduce and Does This Effect Grafted Fat?

I have been ready that studies have shown fat cells die and then get replaced with new cells. If this is the case, when fat has been grafted to the... READ MORE

Can I Use Juvederm Injections to Preview the Look of Fat Grafting to the Face?

I'd like to pursue fat grafting to my face, but would like to preview how it would look beforehand with Juvederm injections (to lips, n/l folds... READ MORE

What Kind of Aesthetic Problems Can Occour Long Term After Fat Grafting?

I'm considering a fat transfer under my eyes but before I undergo any surgery, I would like to consider the possible dangers of this procedure. So... READ MORE

Realitic Expectations? My hips measure 41 in now, but I'd prefer 44 in

I'm 5'9, 35 y/o, and 167 pds. Having lipo/fat transfer to butt. I have 30% body fat. I'd like a pretty significant change in my butt size... READ MORE

I Had a Fat Transfer Under my Eyes 4 Weeks Ago There is a Slight Improvment How Long Until I See The Final Result?

I Had a Fat Transfer Under my Eyes 4 Weeks Ago There is a Slight Improvment How Long until I see the final result? READ MORE

How Many Cc's Do You Think I Can Get? (photo)

I am 5'5 and 220 but i have a lot of muscle. I want my stomach, back side, sides and my upper back (bra area) how much do you think that will... READ MORE

Fat Injections for Dimples from Training and Dieting?

I have begun training for a physique competition again after all these years, and the resultant body fat drop has caused two "voids" or "dimples." Can... READ MORE

Fat Graft Excision--How is It Done?

I’m 6 years out of fat transfer and seek a fat graft excision. There are lots of info about putting fat grafts in but not taking it out. Can any... READ MORE

Can Fat Transfer Procedures Be Challenging or Possible Through Scar Tissue?

If a person has had 3 facial surgeries, with scar tissue left along the sides of the face and under the cheekbones, can it be challenging or possible... READ MORE

Can I get small wait hour glass figure with bbl first then tt? (photo)

Can i seriously achive an hour glass jlo kardashian type figure given my body type or am i expecting too much? And what is the price. READ MORE

Can absorbed fat in the hips 'take' after a second surgery?

I had a BBL in 2012 with fat transfer to my hips. Fat transfer took very well on my left hip which has maintained most of the fat, whereas my right... READ MORE

What can I realistically expect from a fat transfer to breasts?

How much fat gets retained (should I expect to go a lot bigger than what want to get the size I want)? Does getting a lift affect it? Will the feel of... READ MORE

Should I get filler or fat transfer to restore the lost volume to my face? (Photos)

I've lost a lot of volume in my face and I want to get it fixed so that it looks the way it did before. I dont know whether to get fat transfer or... READ MORE

I wonder if a fat transfer that left bulges under the eye ever go away?

I had a lower facelift with neck lift and fat transfer 4 months ago. I have bulges under my eyes that were not there before that is the fat. I wonder... READ MORE

Is it normal that my face looks so square after facial fat grafting (jawline, chin and cheeks)? (photos)

I have undergone fat grafting surgery and the doctor said he inserted over 100 cc only to the areas treated. I am really worried and my face looks... READ MORE

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