Excision + Fat Transfer

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Removing lump in upper eyelid caused by fat transfer to eyelids

There has been a lump on my left upper eyelid after the pearl fat grafting. at first my surgeon told me to wait it off, but it has been one and half... READ MORE

Excision of Fat Graft Overfill?

I had fat grafting to my cheeks approxmiately 2 years ago which ended up a bad case of overfill. I believe there are 4 ways to handle this situation :... READ MORE

Removing Lip Fat Nodules Through Excision

I wish to remove my fat graft in my upper lip, which I had done last year. If the fat nodules are removed by making a small incision, will the... READ MORE

Fat Graft Excision--How is It Done?

I’m 6 years out of fat transfer and seek a fat graft excision. There are lots of info about putting fat grafts in but not taking it out. Can any... READ MORE

Fat graft excision. I ended up with a lump under my eyes and puffiness everywhere in my face.

I had fat graft two months ago to lower cheeks, nasolobian lines & middle cheeks! I ended up with a lump under my eys & puffiness everywhere in my... READ MORE

Why Does my Ps Think Fat Transfer Will Not Fix This? (photo)

My ps is doing an excision to help where he took too much fat. I just don't understand why fat transfer won't work. READ MORE

Would it work remove lumps safely by excision? (photos)

Fat graft into nasolobian,smile lines & bottom cheeks resulted in lumps that give puffiness to surrounding face parts.One surgeon told me its safer to... READ MORE

Dexamethasone or triamcinolone for fat graft removal?

At first sorry for my terrible english. 3 years ago i had fat grafting on malar area. I wish very much to remove it surgically (excision, not... READ MORE

Hard lumps 3 years after fat transfer removal by surgical excision.

I had a fat transfer done to my face 3 years ago that caused 4 hard lumps in my jawline & on my cheeks. I went to several doctors & they all... READ MORE

Fat graft removal by excision?

First I would like to thank all the doctors who spend of their valuable time answering our questions trying to help us My question is how can fat... READ MORE

Is fat grafting to my upper arm possible to correct loss of volume following a tattoo excision surgery?

2 weeks ago I had a large part of a tattoo surgically removed from my upper arm. A lot of tissue was removed along with the skin and now one arm is... READ MORE

Can you explain the procedure of fat graft removal by excision?

First I would like to thank all doctors who spend from their time answering our questions & helping us solving our problems! I would be grateful if... READ MORE

Fat graft excision - how is it done?

Can any doctor explain how is fat graft excision is done? I know that incisions from inside the mouth are made! But don't know particularly how is the... READ MORE

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