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Does Adding Platelet Rich Plasma to Harvested Fat for Fat Transfer Work?

Is it an effective way to add fat for procedures such as BBL? READ MORE

Where Can and Can't You Inject Fat on the Face?

Where can and can't you inject fat on the face? The doctor I recently consulted with told me that fat cannot be injected into the nose tip and... READ MORE

Is a Chin Implant or Fat Grafting Better? How Does Fat Grafting Work?

I want chin augmentation to create better facial balance. Is a chin implant or fat grafting better? How does fat grafting work? Suggestions please... :) READ MORE

Is Structura Fat Grafting As Effective As Using Perlane or Radiesse for Under Eyes, Infraorbital Rims,cheeks and Jawline?

For nasolabial folds which filler has the longest duration and is also the most effective Perlane or Radiesse? Does the actual Fractional CO2 Laser... READ MORE

Will a Laser Treatment Along With Fat Transfer Extend The Fat Transfer Results?

I am considering fat transfer treatment to smooth the appearance of acne scars along my cheeks. One surgeon I consulted with said using a laser... READ MORE

Fat Grafting to Buttocks & Results Question?

After fat is transferred to the buttocks ..I know not all of it stays but after so many months it finally gives you the final result. But what if you... READ MORE

Restoring Volume, Implants or Fat Transfer?

I was wondering what the difference is between implants and fat transfer. From what I understood fat transfer is done using a needle and injecting fat... READ MORE

Hollowness Around Nose Makes It Appear Bigger

I have hollow cheeks/eyes, and area around my mouth is hollow. The hollowness seems to make my nose look larger from the sides and droopier. Can... READ MORE

I Was Told That Fat Transfer to the Buttocks Was Not at All Effective and Didn't Give the Results Your Aiming For, is this True?

Is that true? If so are inplants better? But then I was also told inplants were so obviouse that you can tell the line, I had spokn to some lady at a... READ MORE

Is There a Better Result with Fat Injection Than Other Fillers?

Is the result of fat injection superior to other fillers like juviderm or restlyn? Or is laser skin resurfacing a better solution to a youthful... READ MORE

What's the Most Effective Method of Facial Fat Transfer?

I hear there are several different methods of doing a face fat transfer, what are the different methods available and which is the most effective... READ MORE

Multiple Rounds of Fat Grafting to Buttocks Question?

We can only get so much fat transferred to our buttocks area in one procedure. But what if we got all the areas liposuction that we are able to get... READ MORE

Recommendation for doctors who do nanofat injections (grafting) in New York metro area?

Have dermal skin atrophy under eye (periorbital) and interested in nanofat for stem cell healing benefits to help regenerate dermal structure, but not... READ MORE

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