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What Are The Possible Negative Side Effects Of Fat Transfers Under The Eyes.

Hello, I need advice on Coleman fat transfer for the hollow area underneath the eyelids. I am concerned with what can happen to injected fat that... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Under Eye Hollowness Following Lower Bleph?

Six months following a lower bleph I have developed hollows on the outside corners of my eyes. The area is the actual fat pads right under my rims and... READ MORE

Is Radio Frequency Effective/capable of Removing Fat Graft? What Are the Downsides?

Done fat graft in August wish to remove the mass on cheek very badly. Is radio frequency fat removal effective to damage or dissolve fat cell? What... READ MORE

Hello, if Micro Fat Grafting is Used in the Temporal Area for Temporal Augmentation, Will the Fat Survive? Thanks.

Hello, if Micro Fat Grafting is Used in the Temporal Area for Temporal Augmentation, Will the Fat Survive? Thanks. READ MORE

Best Way to Get Rid of Fat After Transfer?

I had facial fat grafting 7 months ago. My lower jaw area near the corner of my mouth has retained too much fat giving it a chipmunk look. I would... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Will Make You Younger in the Face?

My nasal bone is quite high and my eyes sit deep. I have two hollow areas under my eyes, I would classify them as a tear through defect. There is one... READ MORE

Which would you recommend Fat Grafting or Fillers for Nasolabial Fold?

Hello Drs I read that both fat grafting and fillers can be used to soften/reduce the smile lines but which one is more effective? From my reading on... READ MORE

Is There Any Possibility to Correct Marionette Lines with Fat Injections?

Is there any possibility to correct marionette lines with fat injections? And who is te best plastic/cosmetic surgeon to do this correction. I live in... READ MORE

I Wonder if Tissue Grafting Can Fix the Nasolabial Fold Sulcus and Drooping Corners of the Mouth?

Some interesting stuff from Korean Plastic website with regards to lower part of face including nasal and drooping month end. It is as follows: Take... READ MORE

Can Sculptra Be Used Successfully After Facial Fat Grafting?

I underwent Facial Fat Grating about 3 months ago and was very pleased with the results. The PS said he was "fairly aggressive" with how much fat he... READ MORE

Why is fat-grafting to the gluteal crease and banana roll area after over-zealous so difficult, if not impossible?

Will using the Coleman Technique (using very small diameter cannulas)be effective? Why don't most PS's use the Coleman technique for fat grafting if... READ MORE

Is Stem Cell Fat Graft more effective than PRP Fat Graft?

Hi doctors, I have just had fat graft mixed with PRP as I heard it is relatively safe as we are using autologous materials . More recently, I came... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Calf Augmentation a Waste of Money?

Is it a waste of time having fat transferred to the calf area to make them larger? I keep reading that the fat over time dissolves back into the body? READ MORE

Would You Advise Me of Results-oriented Remedies for Slight Jowling and Marionette Lines?

I am 51 and prefer not to go into surgury for a mid-cheek lift at this point. What are some options for slight jowling and marionette lines? Fillers?... READ MORE

Using phosphatidylcholin to dissolve fat after fat transfer to face. Is it effective?

3 weeks ago, 30 cc of fat was injected ONLY @ smile lines & bottom cheeks (nothing at all was injected @ top cheeks) I read that phosphatidylcholin... READ MORE

Are fat grafting injections safe and effective in very hollow temples when there is little fat/muscle?

Are fat graftimg injections likely to take in very hollow temples, without causing cosmetic and or vascular occulsions due to migration? READ MORE

How effective is the fat transfer to the wrinkles around mouth and eyes? (photos)

Not really wanting a facelift I was wondering how effective is the fat transfer to the wrinkles around mouth and eyes? Not sure if it can be done near... READ MORE

Fats Transfer to Forcep Mark?

Hi Doctors, I have a deep forcep mark on my left cheek ( thanks to the gynae who delivered me way back) such that it leaves an obvious dent in my... READ MORE

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