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What is Average Cost of Fat Injection to Upper Eyelids?

Hello , i had upper blepharlasty and brow lift 18 months ago! now my eyes are extremely sunken!! what is the average cos of fat grafting to upper... READ MORE

Drooping After Fat Grafting on Hollow Upper Eyelid

I had fat grafting for hollow upper eyelid area in one eye, in July 2008. I know that some droopiness is expected following such procedure, but can it... READ MORE

What Can I Do To Improve Little Droppy Pouches Slightly Below the Outer Corners of my Mouth?

Any suggestions for improving these? I am 39. Unrelated FYI: I had fat grafting about a year ago and will be getting a touch up in a few months. Would... READ MORE

Lumpy Area in Sub Brow After Fat Grafting. Does it Correct Itself With Time?

I am 10 days out of a fat grafting procedure to my brow, sub brow, temples, cheeks, marionette lines, and jaw. I am very happy with all areas except... READ MORE

Canthopexy and Fat Grafting for Droopy Eyelids?

Hello, I am very dissatisfied with my eyes. I am wondering if a Canthopexy and Fat Grafting is too much to do or if I qualify for it? I'm 20 ... READ MORE

Hollowness Around Nose Makes It Appear Bigger

I have hollow cheeks/eyes, and area around my mouth is hollow. The hollowness seems to make my nose look larger from the sides and droopier. Can... READ MORE

I feel my face is aging and needs a lot of work done! Am I obsessing or not? I need advise please. (photos)

Hello! My face is drooping and I always look tired. I have filled my lips with permanent product- like 10 years ago and it no longer looks good (in my... READ MORE

Can anyone recommend a great NY doc who specializes in fat grafting for the face?

My mom has a droopy brow and would prefer fat transfer to a brow lift. Any thoughts? READ MORE

Are fat transfers good for marionette lines and droopy neck area?

How effective are fat transfer for marionette lines and if the procedure doesn't turn out to your expectations what can be done, if anything to change... READ MORE

Fat graft to face - complications

Im 25 and i want fuller front cheeks, fat graft to under eye area to make it bright and full (looks hollow) and nasolabial folds but i read about... READ MORE

Reshaping the face with fat grafting (not lipo)?

I have a fat middle face so the majority of the fat in my face kind of droops, leaving my lower face looking long and oval shaped. I have a natural... READ MORE

Lipo with fat transfer to buttocks and breast lift or tummy tuck aswell? (photos)

I'm 65" tall and weigh 160 pounds ..I already paid for my surgery I just want to make sure what was recommended is truly what I need , I'm a small... READ MORE

What is the best procedure to reduce my sceleral show? (Photo)

Dear doctors, My lower eyelids are a droopy and I have the impression to have "bug eyes". I am planning to have Fat grafting under the eye and around... READ MORE

Jowling at 24? Ended up losing the fat under my eyes and being left with a drooping effect. What would be appropriate? (photo)

Lost a very undramatic 15 lbs hoping it would make my face look better. When i lay down and everything falls back and looks fine. Unfortunately... READ MORE

My plastic surgeon recommended fat grafting for eye hollows and droopy jowls. Why didn't it last after 2 treatments? (Photos)

The Contoura fat was belly drawn with the fat to my cheeks in one large injection. It reserved quickly and unevenly. It was done again 8 months later... READ MORE

What happens if retaining liquid in buttocks after fat transfer?

I had fat transferred to my buttocks a month ago. My left side keeps on retaining liquid. I had drains placed 2 times already. After a few days of... READ MORE

4 months post-op: it's all gone south: how do I firm up the bottom of my buttock so that it doesn't droop? (Photos)

My buttock is sagging after fat transfer. I had implants in 2014 which were placed high and only fixed the top of my flat butt. I went back in March... READ MORE

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