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Is It Possible to Get a Fat Transfer from Another Patient?

I have never heard of it but i feel it might be the only answer for me, just wondering if it had ever been done. My doctor took away way too much and... READ MORE

If I Dont Have Enough Fat for Transfer to my Breast Can I Use Fat from Someone Else?

I want to augment my breast size i have a 32C and i want 2 cups more. the problem is that i dont want to have implants, (they look and feel too fake)... READ MORE

Could I Take Fat from a Family Member and Use It?

Could i take fat from a persons body and use it to make mee have a bigger but and thicker thighs READ MORE

Can Donor Fat Be Transfered Into A Very Thin Male Body?

I'm a 25 yr old boy. I wanna know 1)can a person who is too thin, almost and ectomorph, have a Stem Cell Fat Transfer on the cheek? 2)Can other... READ MORE

Can you fat transfer or fat graft a skinny person?

I'm 5'7 and 93 lbs. I hate it. I've tried everything from pills to weight lifting but no progress and is willing to try anything. I want a fat... READ MORE

Is it possible to use donor fat for a fat transfer procedure?

This is going to sound gross but say if my mom was going to get liposuction and I was doing a fat transfer at the same time can I use her fat? READ MORE

I had fat transfer to my face 11 weeks ago. The donor sites are looking dented, wrinkly and obviously manually manipulated.

I did fat transfer before and the donor sites looked fabulous(saddle thighs). This dr. took a little from same area and stomach this time. Now i have... READ MORE

Would Donor Adipose Tissue/ Lipids Be Suitable As Fat Grafting for Facial Volume Restoration-cheeks?

I'm a lean young female who gains weight only in the mid face but there's no definition to make it look for e.g. Mariah Carey. That's more to do with... READ MORE

How much does fat grafting in the face deplete your fat supply in case you need it in other areas of the body?

Say you already have very little fat available for transferring because your thin but want fat grafting done to a certain part of your body like... READ MORE

I'm 10 weeks post fat transfer. How long for the donor site to show final outcome of contouring? Dr. Took too much fat!

I did fat transfer to my face. I'm going on 10 weeks post op and now I'm seeing that the donor area was far more extensive than I gave permission. I... READ MORE

My sister wants liposuction and I don't. Is it possible to use her fat or someone else's to do my drafting?

Is it possible to use someone else's fat (example my sisters), because she wants to get liposuction and I don't. Was wondering if I can use her fat so... READ MORE

Fat from donor site loses at different rate than the surrounding facial fat. Will the contour of face look strange when I age?

I would like to clarify my question. The fat from abdomen and thigh seem to lose slower when we age because I see old people have fair amount of fat... READ MORE

Facial fat transfer / tummy tuck. How soon should I wait between the procedures?

How soon after facial fat transfer can I have tummy tuck? Is the wait as long as full on lipo or no as smaller donor site? I will be having small... READ MORE

Which doner fat transfer has the "thickest" fat?

I hear that the thigh fat is thicker than stomach fat. My PS told me that since I am thin, fat taken from thighs to face is good. READ MORE

Fat transfer doner site FROM calves?

I'm in the early stages of gathering information about fat transfers. However i'm yet to hear of anyone using fat from their calves or ankles. I am... READ MORE

Will a doctor transfer fat to me from someone else?

I've been trying to gain weight most of my life and at 25 it still isn't working. My hip bones poke out making it painful to sleep on my sides, wear... READ MORE

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