Depression + Fat Transfer

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Cheek Indents After Fat Grafting

I had fat transfer, and now have indents across my cheeks. The fat goes above or below the area where it should. Is there a method to make the fat go... READ MORE

Depression in the Cheeks?

I have a problem with depressions in the cheeks. Several doctors have suggested fat grafting. How long does this last? This means lipo from some other... READ MORE

Treatment options for Trochanteric depression/Hip Dip? (photos)

I am an 18 year old female, and my biggest insecurity since I was 11 years old was my hip dip. It became significantly more pronounced as I grew older... READ MORE

Can You Have Fat Transfer to the Hip Area Without a BBL?

I would like to round out my butt a little on the sides right below my hip. There's a little lateral depression there. And can I have that done with a... READ MORE

How Do You Correct Depressions to the Upper and Lower Lip Area After Fat Grafting?

I had this done 1 month ago. There are multiple small depressions. Is it ok to use an injectable filler at this time to correct it? READ MORE

I had fat transfer to my face 11 weeks ago. The donor sites are looking dented, wrinkly and obviously manually manipulated.

I did fat transfer before and the donor sites looked fabulous(saddle thighs). This dr. took a little from same area and stomach this time. Now i have... READ MORE

Fat Nanografting: Can It Cause Lumps?

Dear Realself Doctors, I am 28 and have dark circles/depressions. Since I have been offered nanografting as an effective way to address this issue... READ MORE

How to treat face depression after parotidectomy?

I just had my near total parotidectomy last week. Doctor said there will be a hollow part on my face when it heals. How can i treat this? Ive read... READ MORE

Can fat injections be displaced in the early post op period?

Had fat injections to correct an area of depression from overly aggressive liposuction on my chest for gynecomastia. Can the fat be displaced or shift... READ MORE

I have a flat spot on the back of my head, could I inject fat in the back of my head to fill the depression?

I have a flat spot on the back of my head, which causes me to always have to spend extra time styling my hair to cover it. I do not want to use an... READ MORE

Fat grafting/transfer did not fill in the depression in my thigh at all. Can it be spot treated in as little as 1-2 months?

Fat grafting/transfer did not fill in the depression in my thigh at all. Can it be spot treated with more fat or Sculptra in 1-2 months of initial... READ MORE

How long after first fat graft to thigh can you spot treat a depression that showed no improvement?

I have a large depression in my thigh from lipo many years ago. I finally took the step of fat grafting 3 weeks ago, but that spot is just as... READ MORE

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