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Can Buttock Ptosis Be Cured by Fat Transfer?

I had liposuction of the thighs and buttock done to help my lower body fit my upper body. The doctor took off way to much and tried to "improve... READ MORE

I Am Looking for a Doctor That Specializes in Correcting Liposuction Deformities? (photo)

I had poor liposuction with a partial belt lipectomy in June of 2010, it has left me with many irregularities and deformities due to both procedures.... READ MORE

Is Dermal Fat Grafting a Viable Option for a Cobra Neck Deformity?

Are dermal fat grafts more likely to correct a central neck deformity than fat injections? I have seen 2 good results from this procedure? I realize... READ MORE

Consultation for my teardrop deformity under my eyes? Dose it look like I need a tear trough implant? (photo)

Hello how are you I am a 28 year old African American male I have always suffered from teardrop deformity from a child they are heridetery and it... READ MORE

Is the unsightly bulge of fat which sits between the breast and armpit viable for transfer elsewhere on the body?

I only need a small volume of fat to correct some minor liposuction deformities. Since I find these bulges unsightly on me it would be perfect if it... READ MORE

Fat Graft Results Hard One Month Postoperative is This Normal?

I had fat shifting done to correct a deformities from a previous liposuction. I am now one month postoperative and the transfer fat is hard and has... READ MORE

I had too much fat removed from one leg and it cause leg deformity. Can fat grafting to this area permanently fix this issue?

About 17 years ago I had lisps culture on my legs but the surgeon removed too much fat from one leg and now it looks like I have a hole! It is... READ MORE

After Liposuction, I still have a crease under my right buttock extending to my outer thigh, will fat transfer help with this?

I had liposuction 2 years ago on buttocks and inner and outer thighs, this left me with alot of deformaties as two much fat was taken away, my surgeon... READ MORE

Would I notice any improvement with Fat transfer to breasts with NO lift for asymmetrical sagging breasts?

I have asymmetry (mostly a size discrepancy) from mild tuberous breast deformity, and a lot of sagging. I am worried about getting a breast lift... READ MORE

Can fat transfer to correct botched liposuction on inner thighs be done under local anaesthetic?

I have areas where too much fat was taken from my inner thighs, leaving an irregular contour. I know that fat transfer to the areas of fat deficiency... READ MORE

What would cause deeper depressions in the thighs than I started with 2 mos after fat transfer? Does necrosis kill existing fat?

I had fat transfer to the thighs 2 months ago to fill lipo deformities from surgery years ago. The areas are now dented in worse than when I started.... READ MORE

I had crush injury on my left index finger six years ago. Is fat transfer an option for me?

I had crush injury on my left index finger six years ago. Now the finger tissue had contracted. The finger bone had healed completely but there is... READ MORE

Can fat come back after fat transfer?

For example, I'm already too skinny at 110lbs but I want to use fat (from my waist and legs) to fix a deformity in my arms. I don't want my legs to... READ MORE

What happens if retaining liquid in buttocks after fat transfer?

I had fat transferred to my buttocks a month ago. My left side keeps on retaining liquid. I had drains placed 2 times already. After a few days of... READ MORE

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