Dark Circles + Fat Transfer

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Fat Transfer for Under Eye Hollows

I've heard about a procedure where my body fat can be transferred or injected on my under eye area for dark circles and hollowness. Is this safe, and... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Sunken Eyes, Dark Circles and Fine Lines?

Good day, I am in my mid 20's and I suffer from sunken eyes, dark circles and fine lines around my eyes. I am very disheartened by the fine lines... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Under Eye Circles

Is fat transfer good for under eye hollows and small lines ? If anyone has done this procedure let me know how are the results. Thanks READ MORE

15 Year Old - Fat Transfer for Dark Circles/Under Eye Hollows?

I'm 15 years old but can't wait anymore. I have dark circles that are sunken in and hallow, and I have lines and milia. No amount of... READ MORE

I'm 23 but my Eyes Are 50! What Can I Do? (photo)

I have youthful looking skin everywhere except under my eyes. When people look at me I feel its the first thing they notice. I often am asked if I am... READ MORE

Can Lumps Caused by Fat Transfer Be Corrected After Two Years? (photo)

Hello, I had micro fat transfer performed two years ago to the area under the eyes to improve dark circles (no improvement) and to the laugh lines. I... READ MORE

A Twofold Question Regarding Fat Transfer After Restylane to the Tear Troughs

I am 23 and have always had hereditary dark circles caused by tear troughs and very thin lower lid skin. 2 months ago I had restylane done. It did... READ MORE

Will Fat Transfer Help to Improve Under Eyes Skin?

I had taken couple of laser sessions under eyes around 6 to 9 months back for dark circle reduction (last was ~6mns back, taken 7 sessions). I have... READ MORE

Looking for Experienced Physician for Under Eye Fat Transfer in Europe

I have dark circles under my eyes and i am 27 y.o.It is blue colored but i don't have eye bags. i read many bad story about fat grafting under... READ MORE

Arcus Release and Fat Grafting (Open Fat Grafting) Doctor Recommendation

I am Asian and I have dark circles under my eye. I'd like to do arcus release and fat grafting (open fat grafting). Are there in europe doctors... READ MORE

Is it Safe to Have Fat Transfer Under the Eyes for Dark Circles?

It's safe to do Fat Transfer for under eyes for dark circles in age of 21 READ MORE

When Will Dark Circles Under Eyes Subside After 40 Days of Fat Injection? (photo)

I did fat injection under my eyes and to my cheeks 40 days ago .So far my cheeks look fuller but i am still worried about the dark circles which i was... READ MORE

I am considering fat transfer for loss of volume in my face. Is this the best route? How much would it cost? (Photo)

I have lost a lot of volume in my face in the last 5 years, specially cheeks and temples. I also have dark circles under my eyes that aren't very... READ MORE

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Fat Transfer? I'm Looking for a Permanent Solution For My Eyes. (photo)

I am 30 years old. (Photo taken after botox – 2 months) I started noticing the dark circles under my eyes about 8 years ago. The lines and... READ MORE

Nano fat transfer to tear trough area with PRP to reduce dark circles? (Photo)

Good day is it ok for a dr to overfill when doing a NANO FAT TRANSFER ?.. WHATS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NANO AND NORMAL FAT TRANSFER? which is better... READ MORE

Sunken Eyes and Flat Cheeks after fat transfer - 29 year old male (Photo)

I had fat grafting last January. Fat was transferred to my cheeks as my plastic surgeon and doctors on realself recommended. My plastic surgeon did... READ MORE

Safe to Have Laser Treatment After Fat Injection?

I'm in the middle of getting laser treatments under my eye to help with dark circles. My PS recommended a fat injection as well. However, is it safe... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to my Eyes and/or Cheeks on Jan 13th. Is this the right option? (photo)

I am having fat transfer done to eliminate the horrid look I have developed over the past 2 years. My eyes look tired and dark...and I have crows feet... READ MORE

Undereye dark circles and hollowness. What is the best solution to fix this problem: fat transfer or blepharoplasty? (Photo)

I am 32years young and I have dark circles under my eyes I believe its caused by hollowness in my lower lid upper cheek area if I tilt my head back... READ MORE

Looking into fat grafting for under eye dark circles and to plump up cheeks and remove wrinkles. Any suggestions? (photo)

My cheeks have a low profile so from the side I feel like I'm flat faced. I also have had these aweful looking bags under my eyes that won't go away... READ MORE

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