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How damaging is exercise one week after fat transfer to the face?

How damaging is aerobic exercise 8 days after fat transfer to the face? I think I made a big mistake and want to cry! READ MORE

Does Sleeping on One's Face/side Potentially Affect Fat Transfer Retention?

I have a tendency unfortunately of sleeping on my face. Can the pressure affect the fat, and if so, would it only affect it for a short time... READ MORE

Fat Disappeared?

I had lower eyes done 2 1/2 years ago for slight baggy eyes. Dr. took fat under eyes and put above cheeks (not necessary, in my opinion). 2 weeks ago... READ MORE

How to Travel 11 Hour Flight 12 Days After Butt Fat Aug and Breast Lift?

I am going away to have lipo with fat graph to butt, and a breast lift. I have an 11 hour flight back home 12 days after the surgery, any ideas how I... READ MORE

Removing Fat Injections Under Eyes?

I got them under my eyes 4 mo ago. They were lumpy and mismatched and still are. 3 mo ago my Dr. both injected hyaluronidase and tried to needle... READ MORE

Can massaging the skin when applying moisturizer damage fat grafts?

I had facial fat transfer 3 months age to restore lost volume due to age (I am 49) and weight loss. I'm very pleased with my results but I will need... READ MORE

I am mortified. I misunderstood the post op instructions (fat transfer.)

I had thought i needed to keep ice on every 20 min (which I have been doing up to a couple days ago.) I later found out fat cells are sensitive to... READ MORE

Can vitase/hyaluronidase injections harm a fat transfer if given 2 weeks post op?

Could vitase/Hyaluronidase (the enzyme injection that is used to dissolve restylane and juvederm) dissolve or harm a recent fat transfer procedure 2 w... READ MORE

Can my Toddler Jumping on Recent Fat Transfer Affect Outcome?

I am 5 days post liposuction and fat transfer to my buttock. This morning my 3 yr old jumped onto one of my butt checks while sleeping. Will this... READ MORE

I have just done a fat transfer from my thigh to my upper eyelids on 18 sep 2016 till now my eyes look horrible? (Photos)

I wonder what happen to my eyes and will it stay like this for yrs? I just went to remove my stitch today at normal GP clinic the doctor was telling... READ MORE

Will being repeatedly slapped affect facial contouring results?

Greetings, I'm thinking a little fat transfer for the cheeks and filler for nasolabial folds. 27 years old. Unfortunately I'm kinky. Very. Been years.... READ MORE

About 15 years ago I had fat grafting to my buttocks and cheeks. When I lise weight it stays and has held very well.

I am thinking about doing an hgc diet and worried about if it could damage the grafting since it claims to get rid of unusual fat. Does anyone know if... READ MORE

Fat transfer, face lift, cheeks implant or fillers? (Photos)

I had fat lose and scaring from thermage/RF please see photos of before & after , on the after photos i have fillers to the cheeks and chin but... READ MORE

Fat grafting damage?

After three months there is something, even transdermal, capable of damaging fat grafting? Thank you READ MORE

Can DMSO after Fat Grafting damage or prevent engraftment of new fat?

I use dmso for swelling and bruise from the day after fat grafting to resolve a furrow of the body. Can dmso damage new fat and prevent engraftment of... READ MORE

Fat transfer to face following Exilis treatments?

I recently had 5 exilis treatments to the face, and as a result I have lost a great amount of fat, making me look 10 years older. I do know that the... READ MORE

I slept on the side of my face 3 days after fat grafting, will this ruin my results?

I had fat grafting to my cheeks done 3.5 days ago. Last night I accidentally rolled over and slept on one side of my face/cheek. My face looks okay,... READ MORE

Can existing fat cells in the face be damaged by fat transfer to the face?

I've heard using a small enough cannula can prevent damage to existing fat cells but at the same time, I've also heard a larger cannula is better to... READ MORE

Can fat grafting to upper eyelids cause any damage to the eyeball?

Is it possible to happen even if the procedure is performed by an oculoplastic surgeon? Also, am I too young for this procedure at the age of 19 or... READ MORE

How big a risk and how common is infection in the face following a fat graft?

I am hoping to have a fat graft following radiofrequency damage . However I don't want to make a bad situation worse. I am very concerned about the... READ MORE

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