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How Much Does Fat Injection Cost?

How much do fat injections typically cost for face treatments? READ MORE

How Much Does Fat Transfer Cost for the Face?

I have sunken in eyes and have lost the fat under my eye area only, and woundering how much does it cost for fat transfer? READ MORE

Fat Grafting to Transfer to Hips and Buttocks Cost?

I would like fat grafting from abdomen flanks back fat and arms. All transferred to hips and buttocks. How much would this cost me? I'm 5"0... READ MORE

Cost of Fat Transfer from Breast to Butt?

About how much does it cost to remove fat from your breast and transfer it to your behind? What are the risks? READ MORE

Fat Injections in Penis Possible? How Much Would It Cost?

Fat Injections in Penis Possible? How Much Would It Cost? READ MORE

Fat Grafting for Hollow Eyes with Thin Skin? And How Much It Would Cost? (photo)

I am 34 y.o. woman with very thin skin under my eyes. My eyes look hollow and sunken, please look at my photos, I used photoshop to show what I would... READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost for Fat Injections in the Buttocks?

Are there any doctors that do injections from $2000 to 4000? READ MORE

Cost of Small Portion of Fat Transfer or Injection to Butt?

I've posted a question about fixing a gap between my buttocks and a doctor replied that i can have a fat injection to close this gap. since i... READ MORE

Can i get a Breast Reduction transfer the fat to put in my butt?

I don't like my body so i want to lessen the size of my breast. Then i want to know if i can use that fat to put in my butt. How much will this cost... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Vs Sculptra

I am a 43-year-old triathlete looking to replenish volume to my face. After consulting with several plastic surgeons, most recommended fat transfer... READ MORE

Possible to Have Fat Grafting on Legs?

I have skinny leg and always wanted to have a little more, Can the add fat to my leg, instead of the Inplant? and if yes. I am in nY and I will like... READ MORE

I'm looking into a fat transfer to the labia majora, how much does this cost and is there a filler that can be used instead?

I'm very tiny and have had a child, i just need some extra cushion but I can't seem to find anyone in the Tampa area READ MORE

Insurance Coverage for Fat Transfer?

Can insurance cover the costs of fat transfer surgery? I am really considering this but my money is very low. I'm not happy with myself, however, I... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Marionette Lines?

I have deep marionette lines and am considering Fat Transfer. What is the cost range? READ MORE

How Much Does Fat Grafting Cost To The Butt?

How Much Does Fat Grafting Cost To The Butt? READ MORE

Cost of Fat Transfer Procedure?

What is the usual cost range for fat transfer... thank you! READ MORE

What is Average Cost of Fat Injection to Upper Eyelids?

Hello , i had upper blepharlasty and brow lift 18 months ago! now my eyes are extremely sunken!! what is the average cos of fat grafting to upper... READ MORE

Cost of Fat Transfer to Ankles?

I have skinny ankles and was interested in tranferring ab fat to ankles. Is this possible? READ MORE

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