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Has Anyone Had Smartlipo Combined with Fat Transfer?

I am scheduled for smartlipo in december. I will have my stomach and inner thighs done. My doctor explained that I could then transfer the fat removed... READ MORE

Is it Okay to Combine Blepharoplasty with Cheek/Under Eye Fat Transfer?

I am deciding between getting a U/L transconjunctival bleph or that procedure combined with fat transfer to the cheeks and and perhaps under eye if... READ MORE

Can I Do Fillers After Fat Injection Under Eye and Lips?

Had full face fat injection about 2 weeks ago but am noticing that areas uder the eyes and lips still dont have enouth volume can i do fillers after... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Face While Fillers Are Still Present?

Hi. I am considering having a full facial fat transfer in 4 or 5 months. I am 50 years old and had Radiesse injected into my cheek area 5 months ago... READ MORE

Cheaper to Get Fat Grafting to the Buttock While Getting Lipo and Tummy Tuck Done?

I'm planning to get a FTT w/lipo and BR soon. I'm interested in getting a BBL to get a more attractive profile. How is a BBL priced? I know I... READ MORE

Can You Get Fat Grafting Done on Your Face After You Have Have Fillers Placed? Can I Get a BBL at the Same Time?

I am a small framed caucasian/asian 40 year old. Can I have fat grafting done on my face if I have had a filler Six months ago (hylaronia, I think... READ MORE

Will a Laser Treatment Along With Fat Transfer Extend The Fat Transfer Results?

I am considering fat transfer treatment to smooth the appearance of acne scars along my cheeks. One surgeon I consulted with said using a laser... READ MORE

Safe to Have Laser Treatment After Fat Injection?

I'm in the middle of getting laser treatments under my eye to help with dark circles. My PS recommended a fat injection as well. However, is it safe... READ MORE

Combining Fat Transfer & Butt Implants

It it possible to get fat transfer and bum implants at the same time as i dont know if i have enough fat for transfer alone, if so how much does it... READ MORE

Fat Graft After Insurance-Covered Lipo

My Insurance Will Cover the Lipo; but Not a Fat Graph. If Quick Can I Us That Fat 2 Graph? Im in Texas. I have not actually seen and type of price... READ MORE

Would It Matter if I Got Facial Fat Grafting Before I Got Facial Bone Reduction?

Hello, I was thinking about gettting fat grafting into my cheeks, nasolabial folds, and marrionette lines to see if that helps improves my face. In my... READ MORE

Buccal fat removal with fat transfer? (photos)

Hello, apologies but I asked this already and didn't receive any answers. I am considering a conservative buccal fat removal with fat transfer to my... READ MORE

Fat transfer with PRP?

I'm going in for my second fat transfer to face. I asked the doctor to treat my pitted scars. He said he would do a nano fat transfer, that will... READ MORE

Combination of fillers+ self fat graft on different areas of face.

I lost 35lbs,i hv thin n saggy skin,much of my fat vanished so i look old.ive done face fgx3,1st 15cc,2nd30cc,3rd time15cc,i look alot younger+better... READ MORE

Can I still use my EMS machine once I have had fat grafting? If so how long should I wait?

Hello, for ten years I used an electronic muscle stimulator to exercise facial muscles. It's been effective in creating tone and contour on my face... READ MORE

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