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Chin Implant or Fat Transfer?

I'm contemplating between chin implant and fat transfer to the chin. But, I'm confused between the two options, as to which one is better... READ MORE

I am male, my chin is not inline with my lips, it is just about less than a cm backwards. Fat Grafting for Chin Enhancement?

Hello, docs. I am male, my chin is not inline with my lips, it is just about less than a cm backwards, i dont want a chin implant or artefill (my own... READ MORE

How Soon After a Facelift Can Fat or Fillers Be Injected?

I am having a lower face/neck lift with a good surgeon in Canada, however I need fat injections or fillers to lateral chin and mouth areas to correct... READ MORE

Fat Grafting to Jawline After Chin Lipo? Facelift? Necklift? (photo)

I've always had a soft face; wanting to keep the softness but get rid of a double chin from my profile, I was not advised a necklift, only SmartLipo.... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Lower Face Fat Injections? (photo)

Hi, as you can see in my pics i have included, i have a loss of facial volume in my lower face. I already have a chin implant and would like to do... READ MORE

Fat Grafting for a Complicated Liposuction Defect On Chin/Neck? Recommendations? (photo)

Can anyone recommend a surgeon who is highly skilled in fat grafting for complicated issues? I had laser lipo under my chin and the results are not... READ MORE

Face Fat Grafting Caused Uneven Chin? (photo)

I had fat grafting on my face because i had condition that required me to do it , or i would ive never done it .im under 30 and im killing myself over... READ MORE

How Much Does Fat Transfer Cost?

Hi i live in the washington dc area I want to get chin and jaw augmentation to have a more masculine appearance and would like to do so non... READ MORE

I Had a Bad Fat Transfer to my Chin, It is Way to Big Now. How Can I Get It Removed? (photo)

Two times I have had my chin worked on. The 1st time was to get rid of the cleft chin by cutting muscles and grinding the bone to make it more narrow.... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take for Fat Injection to Heal?

I had a chin implant and there are dents on the side of my chin. My doctor wants to provide me with fat injections. Is this normal procedure? How long... READ MORE

Is It True That There is a Limit on How Much Fat Can Be Extracted During Fat Grafting?

I recently had fat grafting in my chin and cheeks. The nurse has explained that due to the limitation on how much fat can be extracted at once, there... READ MORE

Can I fly 5 days after facial fat transfer?

Can I fly 5 days after fat graft to my cheeks, forehead, temples, under eyes, and chin? The total flying time is 19 hours which includes two flights... READ MORE

Fat Grafting for Chin Enhancement? I have already had an unsuccessful chin implant and I am looking for alternatives.

Has anyone had a successful fat grafting for chin enhancement and would have a surgeon to recommend? I am looking for for a qualified surgeon to do... READ MORE

Can this botched fat transfer be fixed? I have dents and lumpiness all over my chin and near my mouth. (Photo)

I went to a fat transfer surgeon and paid top dollar almost 6 months ago. I have dents, unevenness and lumpiness. Another patient of his contacted me... READ MORE

Will Jawline Liposuction then Fat Transfer to Lines Work?

Doctor suggested lipo of jawline and then transfering the fat for volume loss at the marrionette and chin area - is this better than just using a... READ MORE

I Just Had Chin Augmentation with Fat but I Dont Like It?

Hi, i just had a chin augmentation with fat filling surgery 4 days ago. And i dont like it at all. Is there anything i can do right now to avoid the... READ MORE

Neck Fat Removal Plus Fat Chin Injection?

Hi there, I m a 31 years old french guy and I had a fat neck removal on last monday plus a fat transfert to my chin. My plastic Surgeon told me he got... READ MORE

Do I Need a Smaller, Different Chin Implant or is Fat Injections Ok?

This will be implant #3. Actually my doctor just wants to add fat to my dents on the side. Its been 11 months months since I've had my last chin... READ MORE

Mild fat atrophy along the underside jaw line from kenelog injections post face/necklift: Can fat transfer make things worse?

I have mild fat atrophy along the underside of my jaw line from kenelog injections post face/necklift. My PS wants to tranfer fat from a bump under my... READ MORE

Fat Injections/Fat Grafting? (photo)

I've posted my picture on this site before due to large divots under the my chin. The most consistant answer I've received has been I need fat... READ MORE

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