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Solution for Thin-skinned Chest?

Seemingly due to sun exposure at a young age - or maybe due to early and large breast development - the chest's skin has thinned or stretched so... READ MORE

Bony upper chest? (photo)

Please see my picture - can anything be done about my bony upper chest? As you can see, it's more of the rib cage that shows (my collar bone isn't too... READ MORE

How Long Will Fat Transfer to Pecs Last?

I am a male who had a fat transfer to my pecs which I'm not satisfied with. I heard that these results are not permenant and after a period of... READ MORE

Fat Tansfer to Fix Scars and Marks from Trauma?

I am having Fat Transfer next month. I am a 37 year old woman. I was kicked in the eye some years ago and you can see the boot mark in the right cheek... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Pecs: Is There Anyway to Reverse This?

I am a male; I had this done during vaser surgery. I am not happy with the results and wish I never did this. Is there any way to revers these results? READ MORE

Able to Build Chest out Again After Changes Due to Lipofilling?

Just over week had lipo filling done on my chest as i have mild pectus excavatum. Worried that the fat used under my pecs doesnt appear to have taken... READ MORE

I have a dent in middle of gap my chest. Any suggestions? (photos)

It does not pain but whenever I press in that dent it gives a pulling sensation from inside. As if it sticks to my sternum and when I stretch it feels... READ MORE

Fat transfer from flanks to pecs, biceps, and maybe shoulders. Any suggestions on weight gain? (photos)

I am having a circumferential tummy tuck , lipo of flanks, and the doctor recommended I use the fat from my flanks to fill in chest, biceps, and a... READ MORE

Follow up: Did I ruin my face? (photos)

It's day 2 of my fat transfer and I'm still worried it did not turn out as I expected it would. I had fat transfered to my under eye cheeks,... READ MORE

Can I sleep on chest 2-months post fat transfer to male chest for indentation correction? (Photo)

I had autologous fat transfer 2 months ago by a reputable NYC board certified plastic surgeon. Healing well, though there is still some evidence of... READ MORE

7 months post op Fat transfer. I have two lumps on my right chest and one really big one on my left. Any suggestion?

My doctor did not tell me anything about massages and it took me over a month to get a hold of her. I texted her,if she does not reply me I will call... READ MORE

How soon can I resume weight lifting after fat transfer to pectoral muscles?

I had fat transfer to my chest to correct some areas that were over-correct by liposuction for gynecomastia. How many weeks after fat transfer to the... READ MORE

Do you have An answer to lack of pectoral muscle due to polands syndrome in a female

I have had the latissimus dorsii swing but am still left left with a large indent to the right side of my chest. I do not have any body fat for fat... READ MORE

Fat transfer: What will I have to do to get started? (photos)

I've been dealing with this for some time now .Speaking of about 13years and I hate it with a passion. I want to have this procedure done for me... READ MORE

How long before stretching after corrective fat transfer to male chest?

Does stretching affect success of the take? I am 3.5 weeks post op from.this procedure. Also, would you know I'd stem cells are naturally occurring in... READ MORE

Can i do fat grafting to my chest after going to the gym and building muscle?

I had a gynocomastia surgery last year and it has left some pretty bad dents on my chest. After visiting the doctor he told me that he could do some... READ MORE

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