Cheekbones + Fat Transfer

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I had a Fat Transfer to the malar region near my cheekbones. Is it normal to still have swelling 5 months post op?

Hello, my English is bad, i´m sorry.5 MOnths ago, i had fat grafting to the malar region near cheekbone.I regret it, because its doesn´t look good, t... READ MORE

Can Fat Transfer Change the Shape of the Face?

I had teeth removed by an orthodontist. It negatively changed my bone structure and soft tissues, making me look gaunt with sunken cheeks, loss of lip... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to the Cheeks Longevity?

I have lost a lot of volume in the buccal area, below my cheekbones--Abraham Lincoln style. Does fat transfer last well in this area?   READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Long Term Results?

I am interested in fat transfer in between my nose and mouth and below my cheekbones jawline area. Will fat stay permanent or last for a long time in... READ MORE

Can Fat Transfer Be Used to Create Sculpted, High Cheekbones?

I have a round face, and it is noticeably asymmetrical. I've heard that fat transfer can be used to fix asymmetry, and I would rather have a fat... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Buccal and Mandible

I am considering fat transfer to my cheeks to fill some hollow, and to enhance my mandible--I want to widen the lower part of my face. Is it possible... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Achieve Prominent Cheeks?

I am 30 yrs. old and have very small cheekbones and would like the appearance of more fullness. I considered both Cheek Implants and Sculptra, but ... READ MORE

Can a Doctor Replicate the Results of Fillers with Fat Transfer?

I'm a 27 y/o female with a gaunt looking face due to loss of fat and deficient cheekbones. I want to add volume to my face, but I'm terrified... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Removal

I had fat transfer to the cheek area and unfortunatly too much was placed above Zygoma area (cheek bone). I have protruding humps for cheek bones. I... READ MORE

Is it Normal to have Tightness, Fat Clumps, Numbness and Tingling after Fat Transfer to Face?

I have fat transfer to my cheek bones, jawline, upper & lower lipps last week May 13th. My face feel frozen, my lips hardened like gummy bears... READ MORE

Can Fat Grafting in the Cheekbones Be Absorbed in the Lower Cheeks? (photo)

I had a relatively thin face before recieving fat grafting in my cheekbones to help tighten my skin from a 100lb+ weightloss. But, ever has... READ MORE

Is facial fat grafting the right choice for me? Cost? Permanentness? (photos)

My goal is to get fuller cheek bones and fill in my under eye hollow as well as get slightly augment my lips with them still looking natural. I'm 18... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Cheekbones and Lips. How Much Fat Stays and is It True That Fat Takes Better in Younger People?

I had a fat transfer for my cheekbones and lips and i read from a doctor here that only 3% of the fat can stay from research from ASAPS and ASPS. but... READ MORE

Can 5-fu injections work to reduce the amount of fat/puffiness in the face after 2.5 yr old fat transfer? What are the risks?

Had fat transfer to cheek area 2.5 yrs ago. I wanted to achieve more defined cheek bones. But the doctor did too much & too wide of an area, now my... READ MORE

Can Fat Transfer Procedures Be Challenging or Possible Through Scar Tissue?

If a person has had 3 facial surgeries, with scar tissue left along the sides of the face and under the cheekbones, can it be challenging or possible... READ MORE

Is Fat Transfer to the Cheekbones Permanent?

A few days ago i had a fat transfer for my cheekbones and lips and now I m reading here a lot of negative messages about fat transfer. But my surgeon... READ MORE

Is fat grafting possibly make my face rounder? (photos)

It seems everyone wants to do the opposite, so I'm having a hard time finding anyone who's done this. My face is very thin with small cheek bones, and... READ MORE

5 days post op, I have distorted face with lumps after Fat Grafting. Considering revision. Any suggestions? (photos)

5th day post fat grafting the face looks distorted with: 1) Swollen lump and bruise under right side of lower lip 2) Lump on the lower left corner of... READ MORE

Lack of Fat and Volume in Face + Dark Rings and Shadows Around Eyes. Best Solution? (photo)

Hello Im a girl in my early twenties, who suffer very much from dark rings/shadows around my eyes. I look terrible in outside lightning. It effects my... READ MORE

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