Cannula + Fat Transfer

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Why Facial Transferred Fat is Being Absorbed Just After One Week?

My facial skin has been injected by 40 cc of fat harvested from my abdomen by a syringe-attached cannula. Fat was purified by normal saline and then... READ MORE

Cannula Marks After Fat Transfer: Did Not Know of This Possible Complication, but I Have It All Over!

6 weeks ago I had a full face fat transfer by a plastic surgeon/faces only doc who is known, I mean known to do fat grafting every working day. He is... READ MORE

Bumps and Cannula Marks After Fat Grafting

Finally I got my media inner thighs filled with fat from my tummy, they look bumpy and full of cannula marks. Uh Ugly, will this marks go away with... READ MORE

Filling lower eye hollows using the blunt cannula to minimize risk of nicking a vessel?

Im 47 and had filler under my eyes twice.The first result was ok but didn't last very long. The second time the same Dr ( who is an oculoplastic... READ MORE

Does Using a Microcannula for Fat Grafting Decrease the Risk of Lumps, Cysts, and Scarring?

I am researching facial fat grafting and found a few doctors who use microcannulas when injecting the fat. Does using a microcannula for fat... READ MORE

Can Cannula Entry Through Jowls for Fat Transfer Make Jowling Worse (Internal Scarring)?

I have had this done several times now and I am concerned that it might be making my jowls worse and tougher to treat (ie with lipo). Thanks. READ MORE

Fat transfer to eyes: did it really take place? (photos)

Just had fat transfer to my face and my lower eyelids in GA. I get the impression that the surgeon forgot to work on my eyes. Right from the start my... READ MORE

With Fat Transfer, Does One Application with Small Cannula Work Best for Longevity?

With fat transfer, most realself practitioners have indicated that they overfill areas after removing fat. Thus it seems advisable to get cheeks as... READ MORE

How "rare" is fat embolism leading to blindness with facial fat transfer?

Can you tell me what are some safeguards that a good surgeon follows in order to 100% avoid this terrible event from occurring? Everyone's anatomy is... READ MORE

What approach for fat transfer removal under lower eyelid? Any risk micro lipo? RF cannula or just cannula to break it? (Phoot)

1yr trans bleph with fat transfer. At rest, a white line of reflection under certain lighting. When animated, left eye seemed bulky, right eye has a... READ MORE

How precise is it possible to be with fat transfer?

I have dents in my face from previous surgeries, some of them are quite small (3 -5 mm). Is it possible to fill these accurately with fat transfer and... READ MORE

How to avoid cannula marks after fat transfer?

Cannula marks on the face is a crazy outcome for fat transfer procedure. How can this be avoided? Having this for the rest of one's life would be... READ MORE

I will like more information for fat transfer to the labia majora.

I'm interested in receiving fat transfer to my labia majora. I have a few questions What is the cost of fat transfer to the labia majora? How long... READ MORE

How long until face stops feeling very tender after fat grafting?

I've had fillers done before that felt sensitive to touch for about 10 days. How long for a full face of fat grafting? Dr said he used a 1mm cannula.... READ MORE

How is a good Fat Transfer technique done? Curious to know more

Hi. What technique is better for fattransfer to cheek and eyes.. Going through real self, articles and YouTube videos from doctors. It seems it is... READ MORE

Should fat transfer to the upper eyelid hollows be limited to the lateral 1/2 of the eyelid, to avoid possible fat embolism?

I am interested in upper eyelid fat transfer. Should fat transfer to this area be limited to the lateral 1/2 of the eyelid to avoid a possible fat... READ MORE

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