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Am I a candidate for butt fat transfer?

I am in toronto and am interested in fat transfer to my butt. Do I have enough to make a significant difference??? READ MORE

What can I do to fix the dent in my right thigh? (Photo)

In September of last year (2013), roughly nine months ago, I fell onto the ridge of a low dressing table. I fell HARD with a heavy shelf on top of me... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Calf Augmentation

I am considering a fat transfer to correct a scar caused by a compound fracture to my lower leg, where the injury left an indention on the inside of... READ MORE

Possible to Have Smooth Fat Transfer to Temples with Thin Caucasian Skin?

Is it possible to achieve a very natural and smooth result lumps and unregularities) for a fat graft to the temples when the skin is very thin? I am... READ MORE

Is Fat Grafting Now a Good Solution for Breast Asymmetry (Less Than One Cup Size)? (photo)

I'm 33 and planned to get implants to correct my asymmetry (B on left and prob an A and a half on right). I mentioned to a surgeon that I would... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Do a Fat Transfer to the Forehead?

If it is possible to add fat to the forehead, which technique would you recommend and what are the possible complications? Thank you. READ MORE

Can Fat Transfer Be Used to Create Sculpted, High Cheekbones?

I have a round face, and it is noticeably asymmetrical. I've heard that fat transfer can be used to fix asymmetry, and I would rather have a fat... READ MORE

Why Fat Transfer Isn't Good for the Temple and Above the Brows Augmentation?

Hello dear doctors, I have depressions on the temples and above the brows. I already had fillers who did wonders but it's way too expensive because i... READ MORE

Can You Still Do Fat Grafting if You Are Skinny?

Hi, I just recently was told fat grafting would be a great idea for chin augmentation since I do not have that bad of a chin and since fillers have... READ MORE

What is Average Cost of Fat Injection to Upper Eyelids?

Hello , i had upper blepharlasty and brow lift 18 months ago! now my eyes are extremely sunken!! what is the average cos of fat grafting to upper... READ MORE

Is Fat Grafting for the Breast Recommened or Safe After a Bilateral Prophylactic Mastectomy?

I am 23 and in one week I am having a bilateral prophylactic mastectomy with expanders to implants. I just heard about fat grafting. I am 5'... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Fat Grafting for Under Eye Hollows? (photo)

I've always had very thin skin under my eyes that I inherited from my mother. I also have my dad's bone structure so the shadowing makes my... READ MORE

Fat Grafting for Patients in Their 20's, Too Young?

I'm 28 and have lost a lot of fat in my cheeks over the past few years. My face used to be round and full, and now it's angular and gaunt,... READ MORE

Fat Grafting Candidate With Extremely Thin Skin Under Eye?

I have fair, thin and translucent skin under my eye, but have hollowing I would like to fix with fat grafting. Is it possible to have a good outcome... READ MORE

Is Fat Grafting Alone Enough To Treat Sagging Skin and Marionette Lines? (photo)

Is fat grafting alone enough to take care of the marionette lines and the sagging skin or is mid face lift the better choice for this face? READ MORE

Fat Transfer Vs Restylane?

A plastic surgeon recommended fat transfer for under my eyes since i have deep hollows extending into cheek area. I am 20 years old. He said its... READ MORE

Body Fat Percentage Requirement for Fat Grafting?

If I'm interested in fat grafting, must I have a certain percentage of body fat for harvesting? I work out regularly and have low body fat. Thanks. READ MORE

Will a Fat Transfer Restore Natural Contour, Firmness and Support Beneath Areola? (Photos)

It seems a fat graft implant is best to fill the void left from an over-resection of glandular tissue from beneath my areolas when I was just 15 yrs... READ MORE

Am I in Good Weight to receive a Fat Transfer to the Butt?

I am 5'0" and my last weight was 127 lbs which was about a year ago, I have gain a few lbs since then. I am interested in gettin fat transfer... READ MORE

What Can I Do To Improve Little Droppy Pouches Slightly Below the Outer Corners of my Mouth?

Any suggestions for improving these? I am 39. Unrelated FYI: I had fat grafting about a year ago and will be getting a touch up in a few months. Would... READ MORE

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