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Fat Transfer for Thin Calves?

I have thin little calves and would like a fuller look without implants. I'm fuller around the middle thighs and hip area. Can I have a fat transfer... READ MORE

Can I do a fat transfer from more than one place in one surgery? How much will it cost? (photos)

Can I get fat from my abdominal, legs (thighs and calves) and lowee back transferred to my hips/butt and breasts? Is that too many places? I know that... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Calf Augmentation

I am considering a fat transfer to correct a scar caused by a compound fracture to my lower leg, where the injury left an indention on the inside of... READ MORE

Possible to Have Fat Transfer in Thigh and Calf Areas?

I have a flat and droopy butt, skinny hips, and stick thighs and calves. All my fat seems to settle on my abs and waistline area. Is it possible for... READ MORE

How Does Fat Transfer to Calves Last?

How does Fat transfer to calves last since exercising usually burns fat? Is it worth it? READ MORE

Fat Transfer and Liposuction on 4 Body Parts Safe?

Is it safe to have Liposuction at the same time? If so, please give an approximate range of cost, although I do know that this varies among patients. READ MORE

Fat Transfer from Waist to Calf - No Results

Hello, about 4 month ago i have a surgery where the doctor remove fat from my waist and put in on my calf. But after 3 month my legs looks the same...... READ MORE

Can Fat Be Transferred from Calf Areas to the Buttock or Breast Areas?

I am currently having some fat transferred from my stomach to one of my breasts following unsatisfactory results. I would like to have a buttock... READ MORE

I am female with very skinny lower legs. Would calf implants or fat transfer help?

I am embarrassed by the look of my thin legs. I know fat transfer or implant is possible and would like to find out more about these procedures. Could... READ MORE

My butt feels hard on the side post-fat transfer. Is this normal?

I had fat transfer to my butt and calves. The butt is feeling hard on the side is that normal? My ankles are swelling but I am not standing or sitting... READ MORE

Fat transfer to several areas of the body? Buttocks, hips, thighs, calves, ankles and breasts in one procedure? (photo)

Unusual request. I feel that I might as well go all the way with my wishlist. One of my deepest desires is to have fat transfer to many areas;... READ MORE

Will Dermofat Graft for my Calves Be Permanent?

Under my both knees (inside)above my calves there are curves that i want to fill. My doctor said that dermofat graft is not just a fat and for this... READ MORE

What are the risks of calf augmentation with fat transfer, and where can I find surgeons with experience on this procedure?

I've recently started to do research on calf augmentation with autologous fat transfer, but can't seem to find much information on it. More... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to calves and ankles, how long should the whole process take?

Hi. I'm female and want to have fat grafting to my skinny calves and ankles to the medial aspect. It could be taken from my thigh, abdomen and flanks.... READ MORE

Fat transfer for calves not reliable? (Photo)

This is the only procedure I've ever strongly desired. I have fat in the abdomen and hip area but I'm not sure if it is enough, it also fluctuates... READ MORE

What are your advise on fat transfer to calves and ankles?

I have just had 300cc of fat transferred to each of my calves and ankles and am currently putting my feet up and trying to let the fat 'take'. I have... READ MORE

I Did the Fat Injection in my Calves About Ten Years Ago. One of my Calves Inflamed. What Can I Do About It?

I recently. started exercising again and in one of my calves a big lump formed and it is painful, red and swollen. Could it be from the exercising... READ MORE

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