Buttocks + Fat Transfer

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Is It Possible to Transfer Fat from Stomach to Buttocks?

If I get lipo in my stomach and underarms can I put that fat in my butt and thighs? How much would all that cost and can I finance it? READ MORE

Fat Injections in the Buttocks

What do I need to know before I get fat injections in the buttocks? Is there a better or safer way to get a bigger butt? READ MORE

Fat Grafting to Transfer to Hips and Buttocks Cost?

I would like fat grafting from abdomen flanks back fat and arms. All transferred to hips and buttocks. How much would this cost me? I'm 5"0... READ MORE

Do Fat Injections in Your Buttocks End Up Fading?

A doctors office told Me that fat injections end up fading and people nationwide are unsatisfied with fat injections because of this. I have also read... READ MORE

When Can I See Buttocks Fat Transfer Results?

I recently had a fat transfer to buttocks. Am I supposed to see the result right away or does it take time for the butt to become full from the fat... READ MORE

Cost of Fat Transfer from Breast to Butt?

About how much does it cost to remove fat from your breast and transfer it to your behind? What are the risks? READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Buttocks and Breasts at the Same Time Possible?

I've heard that after Fat Transfer to the butt you can't sit for a month. Is this true? I have a desk job (sitting most of the day) and can't take a... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for butt fat transfer?

I am in toronto and am interested in fat transfer to my butt. Do I have enough to make a significant difference??? READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost for Fat Injections in the Buttocks?

Are there any doctors that do injections from $2000 to 4000? READ MORE

When to See the Difference After Fat Transfer to Butt?

How long does it take to see a difference after a Fat transfer to the butt? My butt looks the same--not bigger--after a fat transfer I had a week ago.... READ MORE

Cost of Small Portion of Fat Transfer or Injection to Butt?

I've posted a question about fixing a gap between my buttocks and a doctor replied that i can have a fat injection to close this gap. since i... READ MORE

How Do You Sleep After a Tummy Tuck and Fat Transfer to the Butt?

I dont want to lose my fat transfer by sleeping on it to much but then again i have a tummmy tuck that goes a lil more then half way in it hurts to... READ MORE

I Had Vaser Lipo and Fat Transfer to the Butt - Lumps Won't Dissolve

About 7 weeks ago I had lipo and fat transfer to my buttock. It was great at first then a huge lump formed and I could hardly walk. I was put on... READ MORE

Start Exercise Routine 4 Weeks Before Fat Transfer?

I'm having a fat transfer in 4 weeks. Can I start an exercise routine now? I'm going to have fat from the abdomen transfered to the buttocks. I'm a... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Fat Transfer on Hips and Outer Thighs?

My hips and outer thighs are flat and always have been. My butt is small and flat, and my stomach (especially the upper part, above the belly button)... READ MORE

Pain and Bruising 4 Months After Fat Transfer?

I am 4 months a 10 days from liposuction and fat transfer to the buttocks. I received 1100 cc's in each cheek. My problem is that I fear that I... READ MORE

Can I do a fat transfer from more than one place in one surgery? How much will it cost? (photos)

Can I get fat from my abdominal, legs (thighs and calves) and lowee back transferred to my hips/butt and breasts? Is that too many places? I know that... READ MORE

How to Get Permanent Fat Transfer Result on Buttocks?

How long will a Fat Transfer from my abdomen to my buttocks last and how many repeats will I need to get a permanent outcome? READ MORE

How to Get Rounder Bigger Butt Without Lipo or Implants I'm Thin Not Enough Fat?

I had knee surgery and ever since then I lost volume more on one side. Ive been working out but nothing helps the little bit of sag and no volume?? I... READ MORE

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