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Fat Transfer Vs Sculptra

I am a 43-year-old triathlete looking to replenish volume to my face. After consulting with several plastic surgeons, most recommended fat transfer... READ MORE

What is the difference between fat in the face and elsewhere on the body?

Does the fat that is harvested from different areas on the body to be injected in the face have different structural properties that could prove to be... READ MORE

What do I eat after Lipo and fat transfer to flutes?

I just had Lipo to my entire body and fat transfer to glute area. I was trying a low carb diet to not gain weight but I'm reading I should it carbs to... READ MORE

Can I get a body fat transfer from someone else? If not, why not?

Wouldn't it be possible to freeze the body fat and save it so it can be used later on someone else? And I ask this because apparently there isn't... READ MORE

I'm 25 y.o, petite, 4'11 about 100lbs - muffin top transfer?

Would I be able to get (muffin top) trans. into my waist,thighs&boobs with my body size? READ MORE

Can DMSO after Fat Grafting damage or prevent engraftment of new fat?

I use dmso for swelling and bruise from the day after fat grafting to resolve a furrow of the body. Can dmso damage new fat and prevent engraftment of... READ MORE

Moving fatty tissues to another part of the body, can it be done?

I dont how to put into words, but my wife is very large in the breast area and starting to have that shoulder bend that woman get from being... READ MORE

has anyone heard of liposkill plus?

I've just read about this after looking into fat grafting, which this procedure is similar. however the liposkill procedure works by collecting a... READ MORE

Will I see a difference with fat grafting? (Photos)

Hi, I am wanting to get a a fat tranfer done as I have stubborn fat and a tiny bottom! I spoke to a surgeon and he said I my body is approx 21+% body... READ MORE

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