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Fat Injections in the Buttocks

What do I need to know before I get fat injections in the buttocks? Is there a better or safer way to get a bigger butt? READ MORE

Is 300cc enough fat for a fat transfer to butt? Will it make a difference, how much fat will stay? (photos)

I want lipo and fat transfer, would like a rounder bigger butt. Dr, recommends lipo to thighs(inner,outer,banana roll) he said he never does more than... READ MORE

I'm 31 yrs old, 5'4, and 114 lbs. I had fat transfer 4 months ago. How do I make my breasts bigger without implants? (photos)

I did nAtural fat transfer to breast 4 months ago, I did lost at least 40% . I do like my breast, they are fuller but still small, I am 5,4 114 lb... READ MORE

How will sleeping on side of face after fat transfer to cheek affect it?

I slept on the side of my face by accident around day 3 or 4 after my fat transfer to the upper cheeks and still sometimes do (it's been 3 weeks now).... READ MORE

Why have my lips gotten bigger without any interventions 2 years after fat transfer???

I had fat transfer 3 years ago. The result was good, my lips looked natural and attractive. An year ago i gained a bit of weight, not much, about 4-5... READ MORE

Hips are 85cm and I want 90-95cm - What's the best process?

I have hips only 85cm and i want to become 90-95cm. So how can i do it or what kind of exercise or food or clothes that i need to do it? READ MORE

Can I get fat injection on the tops of my shoulder to make it looks wider or bigger?

I have small narrow shoulder.i have small bone.can i get fat transfer to my shoulder to make it wider and bigger ? READ MORE

I want to get fat transfer to my lips and tear troughs, worth it?

I have hollow blue/purple tear troughs (I'm young, so it's due to thin skin and genetics) and I want bigger lips but I don't have the money to... READ MORE

Is there any way to gain fat in my Mons pubis?

I'm 20 and I have a really flat mons pubis ,I'm embarrassed to wear a bikni because of there anyway that I can get it bigger with out surgury ? READ MORE

Can fat graft to my nose be done to get fuller, bigger, and higher nose?

I had a rinoplasty 2 years ago for my crooked nose and to enlargeit as it was2 small , dr use diced ribcartigale and result was nice , my nose got... READ MORE

The size you become after a fat transfer to buttock is that your permanent size? Can it possibly get bigger? (photos)

Am only at a week and few days and swelling going down and am so disappointed at my results READ MORE

7 months post op Fat transfer. I have two lumps on my right chest and one really big one on my left. Any suggestion?

My doctor did not tell me anything about massages and it took me over a month to get a hold of her. I texted her,if she does not reply me I will call... READ MORE

What can I do to get bigger hips?

I want to large my hips.So,please can you give me any ways? or "what medicine will take?" to large hips  READ MORE

Can fat be transferred to the ankles?

Can fat be transferred to the ankles? I have small ankles. Nice thighs & legs, just want to know if I can make my ankles a little bigger. READ MORE

Can you transfer your own fat to your thighs to make them bigger? (Photo)

I have an inverted triangle body shape with no hips, no booty and somewhat skinny legs. I want a bigger booty, but I'm scared that my thighs won't... READ MORE

Fat transplant to my lips ? How much? (photos)

I want a bigger volume but not a lot so it keep natural look READ MORE

I'm 22 and I have two kids. Can you do fat transfer to only one breast??

I'm 22 and I have two kids, my left breast has always been bigger than my right. It is very noticeable. I've asked doctors if there was anything I can... READ MORE

Should I go back to get my right hip fix? (photo)

Fat transfer was injected into my hips. My right hip is now bigger than my left. READ MORE

Fat transfer after a year is growing without gaining weight. Any suggestions?

I had three fat transfers a year ago. And now my fat in my cheeks and cheekbones after a year are starting to grow a little bigger what I like. But I... READ MORE

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