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My Ribcage and Spine Are Visible. Will Fat Transfer Help Hide the Bones?

I am 5'7" and about 130 pounds. I recently gained about 15 pounds due to starting a new, sedentary job. I thought with the weight gain, my... READ MORE

Approx. 50% of Fat Survives when Fat Grafting but What's the Time Frame for This to Happen?

The reason I'd like to know is because I had fat grafted to an indent after lipo to my flanks/lower back and I hate what I see. The fat grafted... READ MORE

Should I Avoid Sitting and Sleeping on my Back After Fat Transfer to Buttocks?

Can I sleep on my back and should I avoid sitting after lollipop lift with implants and lipo with fat transferred into my butt? I just underwent a... READ MORE

Lipo w/ Fat Transfer - Swelling and Indentations After Doctor Changed Procedure

I had lipo 6 mo. ago. i'd askd dr. to do abdomen & lower back. he suggested that i also get fat transfer into my buttocks. He told me after... READ MORE

So Much Pain in my Left Buttock After Fat Transfer! Is This Normal?

I had liposuction all over ( tummy flanks belly back ) and fat transfer to buttocks. It's been two weeks since my surgery and I'm experiencing a lot... READ MORE

2 Weeks post Liposuction & Fat Transfer. When to return back to work?

Hello I just got liposuction to my flanks, waist, armpits and back and a fat transfer to my butt ! I am a exotic dancer I would like to know when will... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat for a fat transfer to the buttocks. Should I trust a resident to do the surgery (Photo)

I honestly wanted to go to Dr. Yily in the Dominican Republic, but I just could not get a call back for a month and she only provided me with a... READ MORE

I am 5'4, 145lbs and I have broad shoulders and small hips. Can fat transfer be used to make my body more proportional?

I am 5'4, 145lbs and have broad shoulders and small hips (butt). I am in shape, wondering if I would have enough fat in abdomen and back to make a... READ MORE

Possible to get large fat transfer to buttocks and hips & lipo of the arms, stomach, waist annd back? (photos)

I would like to lipo my arms, back, waist, stomach and lovehandles and transfer the fat to my butt and hips. Aswell as buttock implants if needed to... READ MORE

Could the fat taken from liposuction be used to fill out my butt and breasts?

I would like to know if it is possible to do lipo of the tummy or tummy tuck, lipo of the back, love handles, under arms and inner thigh. And use the... READ MORE

How Long Does the Procedure Take to Have Fat From Your Back Injected Into Your Buttocks?

I am 5, 10" about 255 I have hips but not enough booty. I have fat around my upper back and lower back. Is it possible to have fat from your back... READ MORE

Follow up: Can a fat transfer and liposuction get me like this? (photos)

I weigh 163lbs 36' bust 32' waist and 34' hips if I get a fat transfer will my measurements be about her measurements especially my hips? I just need... READ MORE

Fat transfers: Can all this be done at the same time, what are the prices and recovery time estimated? (photos)

My plan is to have fat transfers from various places ( if possible ). The areas that I want fat removed from are : the arms, chin/neck, muffin top and... READ MORE

Fat transfer to face, is it possible? (photos)

First of all: is there any fat here, or is it just skin? Secondly, I've heard that fat in the back is poor quality. Is that true? Thanks READ MORE

Do I have enough fat to get breast and butt done? (photos)

I'm 5'4 and 128 pounds last time I checked which was 4 months ago. My body is very uneven. I carry most of my fat on arms,back and stomach. My body... READ MORE

Out of options? Dr. Simon the only that does permanent fillers for curves? Need more fat but have none! 0-10k (Photo)

I got a bbl,using tummy,flanks and all back fat(skinny arms but didn't want to touch thighs so it looked portion)the first Doctor wasnt experienced... READ MORE

What exactly is a "good candidate" for fat transfer?

I've been looking into fat transfer/Brazilian butt lift for about a year now and I'm still not so sure. I'm having trouble finding someone in my area... READ MORE

Touch up procedure.

Hi, i recently had a bbl done and fat removal in my arms, back and transfer to my butt and breast, even though I'm happy with my results (4 months) my... READ MORE

Liposuction and fat transfer. Is it safe to go back home/to the hotel hours after my surgery?

Hi my question is about liposuction and fat transfer. I will be having liposuction on my stomach and back and fat transfer to my lips and cheekbones... READ MORE

Lipo with fat transfer to buttocks and breast lift or tummy tuck aswell? (photos)

I'm 65" tall and weigh 160 pounds ..I already paid for my surgery I just want to make sure what was recommended is truly what I need , I'm a small... READ MORE

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