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Can I do a fat transfer from more than one place in one surgery? How much will it cost? (photos)

Can I get fat from my abdominal, legs (thighs and calves) and lowee back transferred to my hips/butt and breasts? Is that too many places? I know that... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Achieve an Hourglass Figure?

Is it possible to transfer tummy and under arm fat onto your buttocks and hips in order to give an hourglass shape? If so how much would be the cost... READ MORE

Am I an ideal candidate for a Fat Transfer from Arms, Lower stomach and sides to get fuller hips? (photos)

Hello, I live in Miami, FL. I have a GREAT butt but, no hips. My body is solid muscle with the exception of a few areas. The back of my arms, my upper... READ MORE

Is Fat Transfer from Arms + Upper Back to Love Handles a Viable Solution?

At 23, I bought a spa package that advertised treatments that “burned fat” called Ultrasound. Unaware that this was a form of lipo &... READ MORE

Can my arms be fixed with fat grafting? (photos)

My upper arms have had overly aggressive liposuction. As you can see in picture the upper arm is now smaller than forearm. I also have wrinkly of the... READ MORE

How Much Would It Cost Approximately to Transfer Fat from Arms to Hips (Mainly) and Butt? (photo)

About 4 inches of fat from arms. And shaping the area to make it more rounder & no appearance of 'hip dip'. TIA READ MORE

What Do You Recommend for Puckered Areas on the Bicep Area - Fat or Collagen?

I was riding my bike when the passenger of a vehicle opened her door and the edge of it slammed into my bicep. I now have a small scar and 3 puckered... READ MORE

Can you fat transfer or fat graft a skinny person?

I'm 5'7 and 93 lbs. I hate it. I've tried everything from pills to weight lifting but no progress and is willing to try anything. I want a fat... READ MORE

Possible to get large fat transfer to buttocks and hips & lipo of the arms, stomach, waist annd back? (photos)

I would like to lipo my arms, back, waist, stomach and lovehandles and transfer the fat to my butt and hips. Aswell as buttock implants if needed to... READ MORE

Could the fat taken from liposuction be used to fill out my butt and breasts?

I would like to know if it is possible to do lipo of the tummy or tummy tuck, lipo of the back, love handles, under arms and inner thigh. And use the... READ MORE

Can fat rejection or fat graft be done on arm? (photos)

I have the liposuction in arm and now it leave me a deep hollow behind my arm,. Will it be done by fat rejection or fat graft? READ MORE

Follow up: Can a fat transfer and liposuction get me like this? (photos)

I weigh 163lbs 36' bust 32' waist and 34' hips if I get a fat transfer will my measurements be about her measurements especially my hips? I just need... READ MORE

What is the best method of removing fat for a fat transfer on a very skinny person with no belly fat?

I am trying to find the best Dr who uses the best method to keep fat alive to be re-injected. I had a fat transfer 2 years ago to my face, the Dr... READ MORE

Does donor site matter in regards to how long lasting fat grafts are?

I am having fat grafting to the face for the 2nd time. The first time fats were taken from the love handles. I no longer have fat in that area and... READ MORE

Fat transfers: Can all this be done at the same time, what are the prices and recovery time estimated? (photos)

My plan is to have fat transfers from various places ( if possible ). The areas that I want fat removed from are : the arms, chin/neck, muffin top and... READ MORE

What exactly is a "good candidate" for fat transfer?

I've been looking into fat transfer/Brazilian butt lift for about a year now and I'm still not so sure. I'm having trouble finding someone in my area... READ MORE

I re-injection the fat to my both wrists last 3 weeks. I noticed my arm size increased. Is this normal?

I re-injection the fat to my both wriests last 3 weeks , and after 2 weeks . I realized that the left up arm size increased. And the right one still... READ MORE

Exercise after fat transfer to undereye hollows, with micro lipo+ThermiRF to arms for weight loss/aging substantial skin laxity?

I have a rigorous triathlon training schedule & want to resume training asap but doctor proposed exercise restrictions vary wildly. I'm 72 hrs post... READ MORE

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