Anesthesia + Fat Transfer

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Fat Transfer/grafting for Cheeks? (photo)

I have always had a long, narrow face. However, with age and with weight loss, the volume in my face seems depleted. I am considering fat transfer for... READ MORE

Do I Have to Go Completely Under for Fat Transfer to My Butt?

Do I Have to Go Completely Under for Fat Transfer? I would like to get liposuction and the fat transferred to my behind. The problem is, I do not... READ MORE

Can Fat Be Transferred to a Depressed Area Without Going Under General Anesthesia?

I had a buut fat transfer done . The Dr. lipo my hip too much and I specifically told him not to because I knew it would take away from my hour glass.... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Do Fat Transfer on One Butt Cheek Without Going Under?

I had a fat transfer to my buttock two years ago but one side is larger the other. I really like the results but I would like them to be more even. Is... READ MORE

Small amount of fat transfer to body with local or general anesthesia?

I will have a small amount off fat removed from my right buttocks (guess about 50cc), to create more symmetry and have it transferred to some... READ MORE

I'm I a good candidate for fat transfer? (photos)

Ok, so I have asked about a lower eyelid blepharoplasty before, and was told I'm not a good candidate. I have an issue with hollowness under my eyes,... READ MORE

What's the safest type of anesthesia? (Photo)

Honestly I'm trying to figure out what Anesthesia is the safest I'm not scared going under the knife I'm more scared about waking back up. I have low... READ MORE

Would preemptive analgesia prevent an anesthesia awareness incident from being painful?

I am getting a breast lift with either implants or a large amount of fat grafting. I am very concerned about the possibility of anesthesia awareness-... READ MORE

$10,800.00 for liposuction from my flanks, abdomen, and the posterior triangle and fat transfer to buttocks?

The surgery is being done in Charlotte, NC and the $10, 800.00 quote includes procedure, OR and Anesthesia fees. Is this a reasonable price? READ MORE

Fat transfer to lips - fillers bye bye, is this what every filler girl should know?

I've tried every filler over the years, juvederm, perlane, restylane, volbella you name it. 2 board certified plastic surgeons, multiple syringes, it... READ MORE

If I want a micro fat graft to the face, thinnest layer, do I have to be put under under?

Can you use a 30 gauge needle? I'm looking to heal fibrotic skin.Do I need to be put under for such a small amount? I want a thin blanket for healing... READ MORE

Concerned about micro-body contour + fat transfer?

I am seriously considering micro body contouring with fat transfer. I have NEVER had any surgery or been put under anesthesia. I also experience... READ MORE

Is fat transfer safe to inject into the muscle fibers rather than on top? Also how safe is the procedure to perform in office?

I am interested in fat transfer from abdomen and flanks to my buttocks. Two of the physicians perform the procedure in office under local anesthia and... READ MORE

I'm looking for the top facial fat grafting surgeons on the NE coast.

After doing my research it sounds like the drs technique is the most important factor. I've talked to a Dr in NYC, the master of far... READ MORE

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