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How Much Fat Needs to Be Extracted to Fill Cheeks and Wrinkes on Face?

How much fat is needed to fill cheeks and lines on forehead? What if you don't have enough fat? READ MORE

Do I Have Enough Fat for a Fat Transfer?

I am terrified of getting buttock implants due to the un natural feel and complications. I really want the fat transfer but im not sure i will get the... READ MORE

Must Fat Be Overdone for the Body Own Absortion?

Is it true that fat injections have to be exagerated because of the body's absortion and if so how long does it take for it to go back to normal ...... READ MORE

Thinking of Having Fat Transfer to my Breasts Was Wondering How Big I Could Go? (photo)

I'm 37 and 5'9" and over 200 lbs i'd like to get rid of the fat under my arms. 42B READ MORE

Is It True That There is a Limit on How Much Fat Can Be Extracted During Fat Grafting?

I recently had fat grafting in my chin and cheeks. The nurse has explained that due to the limitation on how much fat can be extracted at once, there... READ MORE

Will Dermofat Graft for my Calves Be Permanent?

Under my both knees (inside)above my calves there are curves that i want to fill. My doctor said that dermofat graft is not just a fat and for this... READ MORE

Is 5 Milliliters of Fat Too Much to Add Under One Eye? is This Fat Transfer Procedure Correct? (photo)

1 Should I ask the surgeon to do an abdomen evening by extracting more fat? Will the fat grow back on it's place?. 2 I have under eye bags now, is... READ MORE

Can I get fat transfer to cover the entire dark circle hollow area? Can the amount of fat reach the cheek height/volume? (photo)

Im allotted limitd chrctrs to write; so here it goes: - Advancd wrning, pics r Vry unflttring but im shwcasng d areas in question - Othr ? i hav is;... READ MORE

Exactly how much fat is needed for a "fat transfer" to the hips? (Photo)

I am about 5'6 130 lbs,tall and slender. I have VERY narrow hips and would like some fat transferred in that department. Most of my fat stores in my... READ MORE

Too much fat into my face. Can I take it off? (Photo)

I had a fat transfer 5 weeks ago , and i really look horrible ! Nothing has changed since 2 weeks , i can t live like that i don t eat and sleep ,... READ MORE

Questions about Round 2 fat transfer? Do I have enough fat to achieve my desired results? (Photo)

I had liposuction and fat transfer to hips in December 2013, so I am about one year and four months post-op. I am now reconsidering having the... READ MORE

Why does the amount of fat used for transfer vary so greatly between surgeons & can overgenerous transfer contribute to ptosis?

I had over 70 cc of fat put in my face several years ago and now a doctor has suggested that this has led to sagging of the facial tissues and the... READ MORE

Is 20cc a reasonable amount for entire face fat transfer?

I went through a fat transfer to my face in several spots. After the procedure, I was told they used 20cc and that that was "a lot" but from what I've... READ MORE

How much cc is minimum required for small cheek fat transfer in young person (26) due to volume loss and genetics? (photo)

I've had some consultations and every dr. says something different. One said 5cc total, 1.75 in each cheek and 0.75 each nasolabial. Other said 6cc... READ MORE

Will fat grafting on chin help me gain horizontal volume? How much cc is required?

My chin lacks horizontal projection(vertically its fine)....i dont want to have a chin implant as i am worried about its risk.....will fat grafting on... READ MORE

Hip augmentation with fat transfer?

I want 45 inch hips they are 39 inches now how many ccs of fat can be transferred to achieve this and is it possible ....My main focus is on the hip... READ MORE

Can fat be transferred to place between chin and the mouth? I have prominent under mouth muscles (photo)

Can fat be transfered to the space between the mouth and chin, see photo. I feel it's too deep and therefor 'hardens' my face. Could you get nice... READ MORE

How many ccs are needed to fill hips of a girl that's 5'9" and 140 lbs?

I know il need to gain more weight just want to see if its possible and many ccs / fat should i gain. READ MORE

Year ago fat transfer to lips. I had too much. How can I lose some fat in my lips?

1 year ago I had my third fat transfer in my lips. Now its a little bit too much. How can I lose some fat? READ MORE

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