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Chin Implant or Fat Transfer?

I'm contemplating between chin implant and fat transfer to the chin. But, I'm confused between the two options, as to which one is better... READ MORE

My Friend Claims She Had Fat from an Animal Injected into Her Butt - is That Possible?

She looks great... but i think she is lying to me, is that even possible, safe or even legal? by the way an R.N did it for her at her house READ MORE

What Options do I Have for Filling Forehead Dent, Filler, Fat Graft, etc? (photo)

I've had a this forehead dent since I was four, when I hit my head on something hard. It has always bothered me. I'm thinking it's... READ MORE

Are Silicone Hip Implants A Good Alternative To Fat Transfer? It's a New Procedure, What Are The Risks?

So are hip implants safe? I'v been searching for the answer to my narrow hips for years and I'm not convinced I have enough fat for transfer.... READ MORE

Possible to Have Smooth Fat Transfer to Temples with Thin Caucasian Skin?

Is it possible to achieve a very natural and smooth result lumps and unregularities) for a fat graft to the temples when the skin is very thin? I am... READ MORE

I Have Loose Skin on my Breasts. Would a Fat Transfer Make More Sense then Removing the Skin Itself?

I have C cup sized breast with loose skin, sagging breasts and stretch marks. I was considering a fat transfer to plump them up but read on here its... READ MORE

What is LiveFill (R) and Why is It Better Than Your Own Fat or Restalyne for Tear Troughs?

One of the doctors said that LiveFill(R) was better to use in the tear troughs than your own harvested fat. What is LiveFill(R) and is it permanent?... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Vs Restylane?

A plastic surgeon recommended fat transfer for under my eyes since i have deep hollows extending into cheek area. I am 20 years old. He said its... READ MORE

Which Filler is Best for Under Eyes (Tear Through) Fat Grafting or Artefill Injection?

I have hollowness under my eyes after my quad blepharoplasty. The surgeon recommended FAT TRANSFER under my eyes, tear through, and cheeks to fill the... READ MORE

Must I have general anesthesia for fat transfer or is there an alternative?

I'm 2 months post facelift and fat transfer to eye troughs. I still have some hollowing under my eyes and troughs. My doc says I'd have to go... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Lower Leg? (photo)

Due to spina pevida, i was born with undeveloped muscle in lower right leg. due to high skin tonicity, calf implant was found to be not suitable while... READ MORE

Should I Go for Marginalis Release or Fat Graft?

I'm 35 female. Had quad. transconjunctavital blep. 4yrs ago. It was unnecessary. I probably only needed bit of filler in my lower lids & upper... READ MORE

Which is Better, Fillers or Fat Transfers for Cheek Wrinkle Line?

I have a wrinkle line that starts from the inside corner of my eye that goes down and across the cheekbone area. I've attached a photo I found... READ MORE

Do I Have to Go Completely Under for Fat Transfer to My Butt?

Do I Have to Go Completely Under for Fat Transfer? I would like to get liposuction and the fat transferred to my behind. The problem is, I do not... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get a Fat Transfer Into the Breast to Create Fullness Instead of Implants?

Rather Than Getting an Implant Along with a Breast Lift, is It Possible to Get a Fat Transfer into the Breast to Creat Fullness?I would like to have... READ MORE

Fat Grafting for Botched Lipo?

I become more and more depressed after knowing more about correcting botched Lipo through fat transfer. 1) 1 requires G.A./nerve block etc. So, if it... READ MORE

Best Procedure for Progressive Hamifacial Atrophy Correction?

Hello Doctors, I'm 26 yr old, I've progressive hamifacial atropy & en coup de sabre morphea on the right side of face. My upper right lip, right... READ MORE

Why a Fat Transfer for Eyes?

Fat transfer in general, and fat transfer under the eye in particular, seem so unpredictable and yield so few satisfactory results;so why do it when... READ MORE

Can Fat Be Transferred to a Depressed Area Without Going Under General Anesthesia?

I had a buut fat transfer done . The Dr. lipo my hip too much and I specifically told him not to because I knew it would take away from my hour glass.... READ MORE

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