Aging + Fat Transfer

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Fat Transfer/grafting for Cheeks? (photo)

I have always had a long, narrow face. However, with age and with weight loss, the volume in my face seems depleted. I am considering fat transfer for... READ MORE

I'm in my Mid 20s but my Eyes Makes Me Look Much Older, Periorbital Fat Injections a Good Option for Me? (photo)

I'm in my Mid 20s but my Eyes Makes Me Look Much Older, Periorbital Fat Injections a Good Option for Me? READ MORE

Would Facial Fat Transfer Benefit Someone With Muscular Dystrophy?

I have lost volume to the face due to age and having muscular dystrophy. Would a fat transfer work and how long will it last? Also please advise what... READ MORE

Does IPL Cause Aging? Can Fat Grafting Be Done 3 Days After Ipl Treatment? What Are the Side Effects of Facial Fat Grafting?

Hi, my face has moderate acne scars since last year, mainly pigmentation without any pitting. In addition, I also lost a lot of fat, especially around... READ MORE

I feel my face is aging and needs a lot of work done! Am I obsessing or not? I need advise please. (photos)

Hello! My face is drooping and I always look tired. I have filled my lips with permanent product- like 10 years ago and it no longer looks good (in my... READ MORE

Thinking of fat injections to my face. In which areas should I have them? (photos)

I am in my mid-thirties and looking to rejuvenate my face. Owing to weight loss and ageing, I have lost volume, especially in the cheeks. I was... READ MORE

Are there any US surgeons known for their expertise in structural fat grafting? (photo)

At 37 I seem 2 be experiencing accelerated aging. What can I expect to pay for this procedure for the lip and nasal labial folds? Are there any... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for a More Youthful Face?

I'm thinking of fat transfer to the cheeks to replace volume due to working out and early ageing (early 30s, male). I met a few doctors already and... READ MORE

I am concerned about the aging appearance of my face. I am considering fat transfer. Would that be appropriate for me? (Photo)

I am mainly wondering the typical questions: What would the cost be? How long will it last? How much downtime would I need? I have seen before and... READ MORE

Will I have complications in the future/age faster because I had under eye fat transfer at 19 for dark circles?

I had fat placed under my eyes about 8 months ago. Everything looks fine. However, I am worried that as I grow older my under eyes will sag faster/... READ MORE

Is Fat Grafted to the Face also Susceptible to Volume Loss from Aging Like non-grafted Fat?

I had a small amount of fat (6cc in total) grafted to both buccal fat pads. I'm satisfied with results so far (2 months out) but am thinking of... READ MORE

What is your experience with you Facial Fat Transfer patients over the years? How does transferred fat age?

I'm interested in getting fat transfer at a younger age (27). I feel it will stave off early aging, as my face is mostly soft tissue and it's obvious... READ MORE

What will make me look more youthful? Fat grafting, silhouette lift, or buccal fat removal? (photos)

I think I have pinpointed what is bothering me about my face. My cheeks are slightly falling away from my eyes and I have fat at sides of my chin.This... READ MORE

Had Fat Transfer but would like more in the Buccal area, does fat move with gravity? Is have another transfer a good idea?

I had fat transfer done but would like a bit more in buccal area, I heard from some people that fat moves downwards in a few years. so was wondering... READ MORE

Fat from donor site loses at different rate than the surrounding facial fat. Will the contour of face look strange when I age?

I would like to clarify my question. The fat from abdomen and thigh seem to lose slower when we age because I see old people have fair amount of fat... READ MORE

What happens to the fat injected under eyes when we reach the age of 60 or 70?

Im thinking of getting fat injected under my eyes, because of the hollow eyes i got from excessive weight loss, my question is : when a patient at 30... READ MORE

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