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Can Fat Transfer Be Done Sucessfuly with Local Anesthetic Without Sedation? What Benefits is Fat over Non Fat Fillers?

I am 51 and would like fat removed from my flanks, bra line and/or stomach and placed in my marionette lines. Assuming that my marionette lines lend... READ MORE

Do Fat Injections Work As a Facelift?

I am a 48 year old woman and I am starting to get the droop on my cheeks. I do not wish to have surgery. I have had Scuptra, Juverderm and Radiesse... READ MORE

Liposculpture or Brazillian Butt Lift? (photo)

I am 50, 103 lbs.5' tall,athletic. lots of squats but my butt is flat. I feel like I need fat taken out under my butt and from the saddlebag to create... READ MORE

Loss of Fullness Under Eyes

I am 45, male, and play high level tennis. I have noticed a gradual skin sinking (less fullness) under one eye than the other & lower nose area.... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Facial Fat Graft in Colorado

Hello, Thanks in advance for the help. 46 year old man in Colorado, havng a hard time finding a truly experienced, forthright doc (in Colorado) who... READ MORE

Dark Dents Under Eyes 7 Months After Fat Transfer

I'm a 50 year old woman who had fat tranfer under my eyes 7 mo ago. Had severe bruising for weeks, which changed into dark horizontal lines under... READ MORE

Filling lower eye hollows using the blunt cannula to minimize risk of nicking a vessel?

Im 47 and had filler under my eyes twice.The first result was ok but didn't last very long. The second time the same Dr ( who is an oculoplastic... READ MORE

Facial Fat Transfer Questions?

I am 51 and would like fat placed in my marionette lines. A few questions... 1) What is the most results-oriented, easiest and safest place to harvest... READ MORE

Autoimmune Disease and Successful Fat Grafting to Cheeks?

Does my autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) make me a poor candidate for achieving permanent fat grafting to my cheeks, and if so, WHY? I am 45.... READ MORE

Can fat transfer be used to fill the void of a empty eye socket? (photo)

I am a 45 year old female.When I was 2 I lost my left eye a traumatic accident . I noticed that my eye socket is sinking in.Can fat transfer be used... READ MORE

49 and had fat transfer to cheeks and brow lift. After 3 yrs I avoid smiling. Puffiness makes winkling effect much worse.(Photo)

I have ridges of fat you can see and feel sitting on my cheek bones extending to my nose. It creates shadows. My left eye has a deposit of fat sits... READ MORE

My Hernia Scar in my Groin Area Looks Like a Birthmark After Love Handle Lipo Needed for Fat Transfer. Is This Normal? (photo)

I'm a male born with a birth defect causing indented chest. It was corrected via surgery when I was 20 and now I'm 49. I work out a lot but was not... READ MORE

Is it possible to regain orbital fat after rapid weight loss or will I need surgery?

I am 45 years old and recently had a rapid weight loss due to stress and malnutrition which caused the orbital fat on my eyes to disappear. My eyes... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Get Under Eye / Upper Cheek Fat Injections? Stark Dichotomy of Results.

I m considering under eye / upper cheek fat injections, fat transfer from a donor area; 49 yrs old,,in great shape,, but mild atrophy under eyes,and... READ MORE

I have previously had fat injections in my cheeks and now that I am in my early 50s my jowls and cheeks look puffy and bulbous.

I am told my only option is a lower Jowl lift but I'm not ready for such an invasive procedure. What are my options? READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Face in Low-fat Male: is Aggressive Lipo Bad?

Male, early 50s, good shape (daily exercise) with a gaunt look to my face. There is some fat around my abdomen. I consulted with 3 local surgeons. 1st... READ MORE

Would You Advise Me of Results-oriented Remedies for Slight Jowling and Marionette Lines?

I am 51 and prefer not to go into surgury for a mid-cheek lift at this point. What are some options for slight jowling and marionette lines? Fillers?... READ MORE

What is the Most Effective/safest Type of Lipo Method for Fat Transfer from Stomach, Flanks And/or Bra Area to Marionette Lines?

I am 51 and have heard negative stories about lipo and fat transfer. I heard there are different lipo methods. What is the most effective and safest... READ MORE

Fat graft touch-up: I've read the second round "takes" better than the first. What is your experience?

Fat transfer touch-up: What is your experience? Does the second round "take" better than the first? Is there less reabsorption? I lost a lot of volume... READ MORE

Does fat graft (with pro) have the better ability to "lift" the cheeks than artificial fillers?

I'm thinking of PRP fat graft to cheeks ( 46 aged and volume loss). Had fat graft (no PRP) 10 years ago it got completely absorbed very quickly, but I... READ MORE

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