3 Years Post-op + Fat Transfer

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Remove Fat From Nasolabial Folds and Calcified Fat from Face?

3 years ago,I did fat transfer, to cheeks\nasolabial folds. But I'm not happy with the outcome, now I have the face too fat, especially when I... READ MORE

Painful Lump in the Butt?

In 2010 I went to a surgeon and had fat transfer. As a result I had a large mass in my butt that became infected. I was hospitalized and the area was... READ MORE

Would Ultrasound Identify What the Hard Lumps Under my Eyes (Fat Transfer 3 Years Ago) Consist Of? (photo)

I have hard internal lumps under my eyes/ on the top of my cheekbones from a bad fat transfer 3 years ago. Would ultrasound identify exactly what the... READ MORE

If I lose weight can I get rid of my fat grafting?

I had fat grafting done three years ago when I was 19 to my cheeks. I am still unhappy with the results, as it looks pudgy as opposed to pretty. The... READ MORE

Would a steroid injection help to remove fat transfer injection from the face?

It's been 3 yrs & I have a ridge of fat sitting underneath the hollow of my eyes and a lump under on eye. It was originally put in the top part of my... READ MORE

Lipo 3 years ago. I do not want a thigh lift. Can I expect any improvement with fat grafting?

Hello, I am a 64 year woman who had lipo to upper and lower abs aswell as the inner thighs. As you can see on the photo, things went horribly wrong,... READ MORE

Recommendations for a Doctor Located in Georgia Who Treats Lumps from Old Fat Grafting Under Eyes (Steroid or 5fu Injections)?

I have hard lumps under my eyes after a bad fat transfer 3 years ago. Thank you Dr Glasgold who answered that correction thru a process of injections... READ MORE

3 yrs post facial fat transfer, unhappy with the outcome. Lumps formed in cheeks and jawline. How can this be resolved? (photo)

In Dec 2013 I have a fat transfer to my face.Originally I wanted the fat in the hollows of my eyes and on my cheekbone but the fat was put all over... READ MORE

I had a fat transfer about 3 yrs ago. I now have a yellow circle under my left eye which I try to hide with make up (Photo)

My own fat was injected under both eyes, one eye ha a yellow vircle under it. Can that be fixed? Will it ever go away? READ MORE

Fat transfer into my cheek. What can I do?

Hello I had a fat transfer in to my chick it will be 3years a go on January. It looked big and i ask my doctor he told it will go by time. And my face... READ MORE

Dexamethasone or triamcinolone for fat graft removal?

At first sorry for my terrible english. 3 years ago i had fat grafting on malar area. I wish very much to remove it surgically (excision, not... READ MORE

Hard lumps 3 years after fat transfer removal by surgical excision.

I had a fat transfer done to my face 3 years ago that caused 4 hard lumps in my jawline & on my cheeks. I went to several doctors & they all... READ MORE

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