3 Weeks Post-op + Fat Transfer

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Face Fat Trasfer After 2 Weeks?

I have face fat transfer done and already into my 3rd week of recovery. The biggest concern I have is the two sides of my face look asymmetrical. One... READ MORE

Fat Injections to Lips, I Look Like a Monster! What Can I Do To Look Normal Again?

Hello 3 weeks ago I had fat injections to my lips, and I look awful. My smile is tight and ugly, my lips curl inward and feel tight like a rubber band... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Fat Transfer to Hips- Noticing Asymmetry- Anything I Can Do to Correct?

Three weeks ago, I had fat lipoed from my abdomen then transferred to my hips in order to correct a botched liposuction from 3 years ago. Now that the... READ MORE

Excess Fat Grafting Under Eye/Malar Area. Shows when I Smile and Makes my Face More Uneven. Can an Excision Be Made?

It's 20 days since i've done a lateral canthopexy and malar fat grafting, took from my own body. Besides the eyes looking as they did before surgery... READ MORE

When should I see the final results from fat transfer to cheeks?

I had small amounts of fat transferred to my cheeks (8 cc in total: 5cc in one cheek, 3cc in other cheek) and am currently 3 weeks post surgery. Most... READ MORE

Uneven cheeks 3 weeks post face grafting op. Will massage help? (Photo)

I am 3 weeks post face grafting operation. One of my cheeks is over filled. ..can massage help to reduce the fat ? And is there any other thing I can... READ MORE

Lip swelling after fat grafting

Three weeks after facial fat grafting, I'm still swollen (which is fine I know) but my lips are still tender and sore. How long does this last? READ MORE

Facial fat transfer to cheeks 3 weeks ago. One side almost all absorbed, other has 3 raised larger areas. Do I have a problem?

I have a skin autoimmune and lost cheek volume due to stress and illness. Absorbed Restylane quickly, Radiesse left bumps, Sculptra didn't work and Dr... READ MORE

Fat grafting to upper eyelid hollows. How long will I have to wait? (Photo)

I am PO day 20 after upper bleph and temporal brow lift. I had hollows before surgery, but now after, the hollows are accentuated. The left eye is... READ MORE

How Soon Can a Little More Fat Be Added After Transfer?

I had fat transfer about 3 weeks ago and it seems to be diminishing rapidly. How soon can more fat be added? READ MORE

3.5 weeks out of fat transfer to my face! What do you think? (Photo)

I'm 43. Originally wanted upper n lower eyelid lift and neck n face lift! I sent my pics to several doctors. Finally went to see one in person, and he... READ MORE

Using phosphatidylcholin to dissolve fat after fat transfer to face. Is it effective?

3 weeks ago, 30 cc of fat was injected ONLY @ smile lines & bottom cheeks (nothing at all was injected @ top cheeks) I read that phosphatidylcholin... READ MORE

Lump after mid check and tear trough fat transfer. Any suggestions? (photos)

Good Day Everyone. I'm on my 3rd week post op from mid cheek and tear trough fat transfer. I have noticed I just had a 2 long lump on my right tear... READ MORE

Still look abnormal 3 weeks and 3 days after facial fat transfer. Is this normal? (photo)

Lower mini lift and facial fat transfer to cheeks, eyebrow area, and lips 3 weeks and 3 days ago. Still look abnormal. Cheeks and lips are too big and... READ MORE

Autologous Fat Transfer for eye bags, initial changes seem to have reversed after 3 weeks, is this normal?

34 year old male with noticeable eye bags which I was looking to get a lower blepharoplasty to remove. My doc convinced me that transfer was a better... READ MORE

When can you have fat xfer to face again?

I'm 3 weeks post op from fat transfer to face. I'm so much happier with how I look now as opposed to before but I could venture to say that less than... READ MORE

I had global facial fat transfer 3 weeks ago and accidentally fell asleep on the side of my face last night. Any suggestions?

The side that I put pressure on is now "smaller" than the other side and feels sore. Is it possible to damage the grafted fat 3 weeks after procedure... READ MORE

I had Fat Transfer to my buttocks 3 weeks ago. This past 2 weeks I've been having an oil-like reddish orange puss drain out.

Every hour it drains on it's own from the insition. I went to doctor and he said its a Abscess gave me antibiotics and squeezes it out everytime I go... READ MORE

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