3 Days Post-op + Fat Transfer

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Lipofilling of Lips and Cheeks, When Will the Swelling Go Down? (photo)

This is a picture of my lips 3 days after having a lipofilling of my lips and cheeks. How long will the swelling last and will this be the actual... READ MORE

Did my Face Get Too Much Fat Transferred?

I had rhinoplasty(open,nasal bone was broken as well)& facial fat grafting 3 days ago. Rhinoplasty result seems fine,but my face is EXTREMELY... READ MORE

Why Didn't my Fat Transfer or Restylane Injections Work?

I had fat transferred to my face six months ago for nasal folds and lines at corners of my mouth; when the swelling subsided; the folds and lines were... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Lumps on Cheeks 3 Days Post Op from Fat Transfer?

I m currently 3 days post op. I ve had fat grafting to my cheeks ( I had hollow cheeks i wanted to correct) and some hard lumps are starting to appear... READ MORE

Had facial fat transfer 3 days ago. My cheeks are way too big & my upper lip area (between my lip and nose) is puffy. (Photo)

I did not have fat injected into my lips so I'm thinking that the puffiness is coming from the fat graphs to the nasolabial folds. My face is... READ MORE

Swelling Following Fat Transfer - Abnormal?

I had fat transfer to the the area beneath my cheekbones in lower part of my face that had become more hollow with age. It's been three days now and... READ MORE

I had fat transfer to my lips and cheeks 3 days ago, and they are now more painful than day one. Is this normal? (Photo

Dear Doctor, I had a lip and cheek fat transfer 3 days ago and my cheeks and lips seem to be felling a bit sorer then the first day out of surgery. Is... READ MORE

Fat grafting for under eye area 3 days ago. Is it overfilled? Will it go down? (Photo)

I told my doctor that i want a natural look and he agreed. First he said that he will overfill the area a little bit because some of the fat will die.... READ MORE

Should I wait until my swelling goes down to really see my final waist size? Or is this pretty much what it will be?

Today I'm 3 days post up, I took my garment off and was not to please with the results. My waist doesn't look to small, and my butt seems flat in the... READ MORE

3 days post op facial fat grafting.. Could massage move fat around? (photos)

I got fat grafting to the face 3 days ago. Nasiolabial folds were either very overfilled or swollen to the point where my nose was v. sore & appeared... READ MORE

Chapped lips after fat transfer to lips?

Hi, just wondering if it is normal for lips to become very chapped after having fat transfer to lips? im currently sitting at day 3 and im little... READ MORE

How much pressure affects recent fat grafts? And how long before vascularization?

I just had a 2nd round fat transfer 3-days ago. Today my 5-year old nephew briefly leaned onto my chest with his hand for a moment. Wondering if this... READ MORE

Eyelids swollen shut 3 days after facial fat grafting - should I be worried?

I had full facial grafting (forehead, temples, nasolabial folds, cheeks, chin, lips, ) 3 days ago. Also had subcision for acne scars and Fractional... READ MORE

How to improve fat absorption after too much fat transfer to chin 3 days ago?

I have a slightly short chin before, but it is proportioned and after the doctor inject fat to my chin´╝îI looks like a drag queen. I don't want any m... READ MORE

I slept on the side of my face 3 days after fat grafting, will this ruin my results?

I had fat grafting to my cheeks done 3.5 days ago. Last night I accidentally rolled over and slept on one side of my face/cheek. My face looks okay,... READ MORE

3 days post op butt looks like big balls and flat on the bottom. (photo)

I had liposuction, breast augmentation and fat transfer to buttocks 3 days ago. My left butt cheek is in pain as to my right cheek is not so much in... READ MORE

I had a fat transfer to my cheeks and upper eyelids 3 days ago. It looks like before on the 3rd day (Photo)

1st day was swell and 2nd look better, however, my face looks like original before fats transfer on the 3rd day. I was told that the fats was not... READ MORE

Exercise after fat transfer to undereye hollows, with micro lipo+ThermiRF to arms for weight loss/aging substantial skin laxity?

I have a rigorous triathlon training schedule & want to resume training asap but doctor proposed exercise restrictions vary wildly. I'm 72 hrs post... READ MORE

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