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FasciaBlaster is a tool for at-home use designed to facilitate pain reduction, improved flexibility, joint function, circulation, muscle definition, nerve activity, and the elimination of cellulite.

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Fascia Blaster is BEST option Fat Pockets, Cellulite, Saddlebags

I left the CoolSculpting clinic with sticker shock after quoting me their discounted rate of $10k to freeze away fat pockets on my belly and thighs only. I am 5'8" and weigh 135 lbs but have struggled to regain my pre-pregnancy body after birthing four 9 pound babies. After deciding that the... READ MORE

FaciaBlaster - #1 Cellulite Treatment

I have tried everything to get rid of my cellulite; expensive laser treatments, creams, massages, compression garments, dry brushing. And nothing has worked, until I bought the FaciaBlaster. I have pretty bad cellulite all over my thighs and butt, but I especially hate it on the front of my... READ MORE

Fasciablaster the good, the bad, and the unknown. (See lower posts of cautions)

Saw it on Facebook and did some research. The before and after pics and stories were amazing. Many people had instant results and without changing diet or regime achieved some pretty stunning results. Well with a healthy amount of skepticism I went ahead and ordered it. After one treatment I'm... READ MORE

After Surgery Didn't Work for Cellulite, Trying FasciaBlaster - San Francisco, CA

I paid $3,000 for the Cellulaze treatment to rid my thighs of cellulite. I saw zero improvement. Sixteen months later, I am giving the FasciaBlaster one last try. I've researched Cellafina, ThermiTight, even getting a thigh lift. I even tried Joey Atlas Symulast Method workout for 60 days; all... READ MORE

Fascia Blaster DEFECTIVE

I was so excited when I got my Fascia Blaster in September of this year. After two uses, two of the prongs cracked and snapped off. I messaged then and it took nearly 6 weeks to get a replacement. I used my replacement two times, and yesterday the prongs didn't snap, but the entire bar broke... READ MORE


I am a 52-year-old mom of three. I have been using the fascia blaster for eight months and it is the best money I've ever spent. The science behind it makes so much sense. Anyone interested in this product should do their research and learn why this will work for everyone whether it is for... READ MORE

The FasciaBlaster is the Real Deal! Laurel, MD

After much skepticism and research, I ordered and received my FasciaBlaster in late July. In the past three months I have gotten more pain relief for my many pain conditions (chronic headaches and migraines, TMJ, cervical disc herniation, shoulder/neck/arm/ulnar neuropathy, chondromalacia... READ MORE

Full Body Fasciablasting

I've been using fasciablaster for 5 months and after researching further into it and other similar modalities and products, I came to conclude this product is not in high integrity professionally and medically. In terms of my personal improvement, and I followed exact instructions and watched... READ MORE

Caused More Harm Than Good

I ordered this and used it in my arms for migraines. I am now not able to move my right arm. When i do it kills me, feels like a pinched nerve. It's been a month with no relief. I'm on the Facebook page and tried posting about it anf asking if anyone else jad this happen, but she wouldn't allow... READ MORE


Research pros and cons outside of her site before purchasing!!! This did more harm than good for me and I would not recommend the money or time investment! She does not allow negative reviews to be discussed openly on her page and there can be serious side effects! Her "personal" responses are... READ MORE


The Facia Blaster is a PVC Pipe with 4 plastic claws on it (kind of like the octopus claws you can find on Amazon) and 2 plastic handles and it costs about $100 and usually takes 2-3 weeks to ship. I've seen the creator endorse this tool to be used on everything from the face to the genitals... READ MORE

52 and Now I Have Crepe Skin

I purchased my fascia blaster in August of 2016 and started using it immediately. Watched tons of videos and started blasting . Back then we were told to go fast and hard hit that 7 pain level and really dig in which I did :( had major bruising and unreal detox so stopped for a few weeks and... READ MORE

Ashley Blacks Fasciablaster, Nugget and Face Blaster

#ashleyblackguru #fasciology #fasciablasternegativeresults #fasciablasters #faceblaster #fasciablastermini #fasciablasternugget I cannot endorse this product. It's caused harm to me and my friends. I have photos. Purchased all three. Used 3 months for large. 1 month for mini. 3 weeks for... READ MORE

Fasciablaster; A real review of an untested device

Early results were promising....then they faded away and I and many others now have other concerns about the product. Well, we all know the saying ...if it sounds to good to be true.... I have mixed "feelings" about the blaster because it seems to help with such a wide myriad of issues BUT just... READ MORE

cheesy thighs.

I did the fascia blaster on a sunday evening about 7pm, 5 minutes on each leg front and back and by Monday night, 24 hours later, I felt like I was going to vomit and have been sick, exhausted and in bed for past 24 hours. I will not use the fascia blaster again. If this is detox, I can't... READ MORE

One of the Best Things I've Done for my Body

I discovered the fascia blaster after I couldn't get massage for a few weeks, started massaging myself on my tight legs and hips, and felt the fascia break. It scared me because it felt so strange...so I researched and found the fascia blaster. It is absolutely one of the greatest things I've... READ MORE

Ashley Black Fascia Blaster Review

Do not walk, run to order Ashley Black's fascia blaster!!! For $89.00 and two months of time invested thus far, it had gradually smoothed my skin and cellulite! I would have never believed it but it truly does work! I'm so, so happy with the improvements thus far and addicted to using it!!... READ MORE

Buyer Beware - New York, NY

I purchased the FasciaBlaster in April of 2016. I started using it right away as I was advised by Ashley Black's videos. Within the first few days I had horrible side effects (which I was told were "detox" symptoms). I was exhausted to the point of not being able to function, my appetite... READ MORE

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