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After an Open Reduction Operation for a Zygomatic Arch Fracture I Can Not Raise One Eyebrow. Will Movement Come Back?

1wk. ago I had an operation for my left Zygomatic arch. Incision was made under my hairline above my left temple. I have since not been able to raise... READ MORE

Does a depressed fracture of the zygomatic arch need to be repaired if there is no pain or noticeable cosmetic change?

24 yr old son's nose and zygomatic arch were broken 5 wks ago. Maxillofacial surgeon wants to try to force both the nose and arch into place. Is this... READ MORE

Overlooked Zygomatic Fracture (3 Years Ago) - How Many Incisions Needed to Have Reposition of the Whole Bone? (photo)

I'm looking for some surgeons in the Europe or USA who have great experience in the osteotomy of that bone. I wonder how many incision and where are... READ MORE

2 Years Post Zygoma Reduction Symptoms Indicative of Bone Displacement or Nonunion?

I had Zygoma reduction in Asia 2 years ago and I have had a tenderness to the touch on a part of the Zygomatic arch on one side of my face. I feel a... READ MORE

Zygoma Fracture About 6 Months Ago and It is Misaligned? (photo)

I had a fracture in the zygoma about 6 months ago and it is misaligned. The eye has sunken about 2-3 mm and its causing some sight problems. I got a... READ MORE

Lost facial feeling on the right cheek and lip after zygoma reduction. Will I permanently lose the feeling?

I had zygoma reduction 2 weeks ago, but I noticed I lose feeling on the right cheek(like an upside down triangular area below the right eye and next... READ MORE

Need Some Advice After Facial Trauma?

Male medical student - was applying in the match for last year, had to withdraw because of some personal issues. very bothered after facial trauma... READ MORE

Zygomatic arch broken 18 days ago, is it too late for a surgery? (Photo)

The zygomatic carch is broken and it has been 18 days since then. is it okay to undergo a surgery through Keen's approach to fix it or is it too late... READ MORE

Eye projection after zygoma / orbital floor surgery. Is it normal? (Photo)

Hi. I had 6.5 hours of reconstructive surgery 7 months ago, and everything went well except a bit of an eye projection difference. The surgeon said... READ MORE

How to Repair Old (Overlooked) Zygoma/Maxilla Bone when the Crack / Split Goes Through Infraorbital "Tunnel"?

How to avoid a damage of infraorbital nerve during surgery of that place. Is it possible in that case ? READ MORE

Do I Have Hemifacial Microsomia or Some Form of Facial Abnormality? What Treatments Are Available? (photo)

I draw your attention to the asymmetrical eye sockets, ears, forehead hairline, mandible width and ramus height, cheekbone width and bent nose.... READ MORE

Zygoma Arch Fracture Reconstruction, 3rd Try or Not? Would Leaving It As is Cause Future Problems? (photo)

I had 2 operations to repair zygoma arch fracture among other fractures. 1st, the docs pushed the fracture from the cut made in the mouth which did... READ MORE

How Thick is a Zygomatic Arch?

I had a few facial fractures and it left my zygomtic arch to stick out a lot. I went to see a craniofacial surgeon and he wants to just shave some of... READ MORE

My cheekbone were broken & smashed, sinus smashed, & enlarged zygomatic right arch. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

I had my right cheekbone broken when I wad 17, It just swelled out,always conscious of it, when I was 32, I was jumped, by someone who smashed, my... READ MORE

Can a Zygomatic Bone Fracture Be Put Back into Original Position?

I had a zygomatic bone fracture about 9 months ago it moved 1 mm on the left. I now see the difference. The right side looks more defined. I would... READ MORE

When is It Safe for a 2 Jaw Revision? (photo)

It has been 9 months since I had gotten a 2 jaw surgery. I went to Korea to correct my cross bite and gummy smile. The doctors decided to give me a... READ MORE

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